5 Ways to iconic beauty

Five timeless looks that are hot right now. 

1. The Red Lip


The icon reference: Marilyn Monroe
Seen this season at: Zac Posen

Ask any woman what the most iconic beauty look is and the red lip is sure to be up there. Every season, the red lip is reinvented in either matte or glossy, pink or orange, warm or cool tones. The truth is, once you find your perfect red, you should stick to it. And the best way to master this is by trial and error – try as many reds as you can and figure out which best complements your hair, skin and eye colour. Luckily this season in particular has seen a great focus on the red lip, with everyone from Bobbi Brown to Giorgio Armani and L’Oréal Paris launching new ranges that are all about the red. High pigmented lip colours can be a little drying so be sure to pick one that has a soft, comfortable formula and decide if you want to wear it perfectly lined or pressed into the lip as a stain for a more carefree vibe. Don’t forget a final touch of concealer on a cotton bud to tidy up any lip line mishaps.

TRY: Collection Exclusive Pure Reds (€11.99 each) by L’Oréal Paris

2. The Glamour Wave

iconic_beauty2The icon reference: Marlene Dietrich
Seen this season at: Dries van Noten

Sleek, glossy waves are seen season in and season out, keeping them at the top of our iconic beauty list. What makes this style so enduring? It’s soft and flattering and timelessly elegant all at once and, rather wonderfully, is not that difficult to recreate at home. Hair needs to be in tip top condition, so tame any frizz, flyways or unruly tresses with a serum or oil product (like the Interactives Brilliant Hydra Elixir, €12.50, by Revlon Professional) and tong in uniform, so that the waves fall together. To keep it from getting too disco, follow this tip from Syd Hayes, style consultant for L’Oréal Paris. “Create expensive retro waves…twist hair around a curling tong and leave the Thends out. This stops the hair from bouncing back into a party curl and gives really sexy waves.”

TRY: Heat Style & Hold Hairspray (€4.59) by Silvikrin

3. The Cat Eye/Flick

iconic_beauty3The icon reference: Sophia Loren
Seen this season at: Dolce & Gabbana

The fashion world might be obsessed with the graphic eye line, but the classic cat eye still returns to the catwalk every season and is a look every woman should have in her beauty arsenal. A great way to update for the current season is to use a gel-based liner with a hint of sparkle; the new Long-Wear Gel Sparkle (€30) by Bobbi Brown doubles as a liner and inky shadow. Need a steady hand? Rest your elbow on the table and make sure your liner or brush is hugging the lash line. Mark a dot where you’d like the wing tip to end and follow the natural eye-line until you get there.

TRY: 3-Dot-Liner (€24) by Clarins

 Dust your eyelids with some powder to make a matte base before applying your liner.

4. The Spider Lash

iconic_beauty4The icon reference: Twiggy
Seen this season at: Prada

The perfect imperfection of the spidery lash is a great accompaniment to the season’s obsession with all things sixties. The key to achieving this is to curl, curl, curl those lashes. And don’t be shy when applying your mascara. Layer upon layer will give the desired effect and if it’s still to combed looking, squeeze the lashes together in places for a clumped effect. Need more lash? Brush some on with Magnifibres (€29). Apply one layer of mascara, brush on these magic fibres while it’s still wet and wait 30 seconds. Coat once more with mascara and blink in wonder at your new great lengths.

TRY: Masterpiece Transform Mascara (€12.99) by Max Factor

5. The Strong Bow

iconic_beauty5The icon reference: Audrey Hepburn
Seen this season at: Carolina Herrera

It may be Cara Delevingne’s calling card, but the strong, straight brow is not exactly a new look. Audrey Hepburn’s dainty little face wore brows that would rival Cara’s any day. If you’re feeling that your brows will never make the grade, pop to your local health food store and pick up some castor oil. Applied daily (do it in the evenings and remove residue with an oil based eye makeup remover to take it off the next morning), it should stimulate growth and help fill in any over plucked gaps. But if you must fake it (as most of us do), use a brow pencil, gel or powder one shade darker than your hair colour and an angled brush to fill out in a straight line across the brow bone. Taper it towards the end to keep it feminine. Up the ante for your Fifth Avenue look with the New York Lash Edit (€15.50) from Eyelure.

TRY: Gel Eyeliner and Brow Definer (€13) by The Body Shop