Fashion talks: Ganni

Want to know more about the Danish label we’re all obsessed with? Irish Tatler’s fashion editor Sarah O’Hegarty talks to the founder of Ganni Ditte Reffstrup about nailing Scandi style.

Does one have to be minimal to have Scandinavian style? 

Absolutely not. On the contrary, I would say that’s exactly what we wanted to refute with Ganni. When we started out [the label was originally established by Reffstrup and her husband, CEO Nicolaj Reffstrup, in the search for the perfect cashmere knit] we felt that there was only two stereotypes of style coming out of Copenhagen; a strict Scandinavian minimalism and a girly-boho way of dressing. We wanted to show people a third way of sense of Scandinavian style; full of contrasts and playfulness.

The simple slogan t-shirt: you make a lot of them, and the world loves them. What to you is the best way to wear one? What’s the best slogan ever for a t-shirt?

Ganni has always been all about contrast, so I like to wear them with super glamorous skirts or trousers. As long as you wear it – instead of it wearing you – you’ll be fine, so don’t wear a statement that doesn’t fly with your personality. It’s all about attitude. As for the best slogan, I am pretty proud of the ‘Togetherness’ t-shirt we did in 2017 with Global Goals World Cup (GGWCUP) supporting gender equality.

Is millennial pink over? 

Pink can be super fierce if you style it with the right accessories. Again, it all comes down to personality and contrasts.

What’s your key piece of the SS18 season?

I’m really into trekking inspired footwear this season. I think it’s a really cool to pair with dresses and short skirts. Also, I have this dream of visiting the Swiss Alps during the spring – it’s probably because of a childhood infatuation with The Sound of Music.

What to you makes a modern Ganni muse? 

Three things: personality, personality, personality. Looks are just temporary.

Is there space for playfulness in fashion when everything on Instagram points to such perfection? 

Playfulness is one of my mantras, so yes. If there is no fun or play in fashion, then you might as well count me out. Perfect is an illusion anyway, so why strive for that?

Stripes: can you really wear horizontal ones if you’re curvy? 

Hell, yes! Stripes are a true classic and suit all shapes.

What’s your most hotly-tipped trend for SS18? 

I would say go for a pair of ultra-flared, colourful denim jeans – the bigger the better!

Why does Danish fashion make for #goals? 

The beyond words coolness of the girls who add their own spirit and life to the clothes we design. Seeing the transformation from a lifeless piece on a hanger to a thing with personality is such a kick. Every time. It also makes me really happy to see how much momentum Danish fashion has right now, it’s a really special time for Danish culture in general.

Where do you get your style inspo from? 

I don’t really have style icons, but I really love people watching. I travel a lot for inspiration and love hanging out on the streets of cities and soaking up all the different impressions and senses of style. Our SS18 collection is titled ‘Global Citizen’ and is actually inspired by things I like from all different cultures.


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