All of the confidence, none of the sun damage.

All of the confidence, none of the sun damage. SS'18 Zimmerman

Let’s be honest, everything is better with a tan! Today marks the nation’s day to honour tanning, and boy, do we love faux-ing that glow here in Ireland. 

The lack of sunlight is, of course partly to blame, but us Celts also got dealt a tough hand when it came to our skin tones; perennially pale, fair and freckly. The land of Saints and Scholars this may well be, but the land of naturally-bronzed babes it certainly is not.... 

But out of all adversity comes great opportunity and it’s no wonder then, that we’ve become some of the world’s most masterly self-tanners…. Practice does make perfect after all. Creams, oils, gels, mousse, wipes – you name it, we’ve tried it and sure enough, have our favourites. Some formulas for particular occasions, some depending on colour-depth required, others for effort-level executed…. because, just like us, not all self-tans were created equally.

So if you’re a rare, Irish tanning neophyte or you’re just looking to add to your bronzing armoury, here’s an edit of our best-loved.


For Face:

The Face Anti-Age Rejuvenating Self-Tan Drops in Medium/Dark, €47 Tan Luxe @ Net-a-Porter. 

This bronzing serum works double-time - it hydrates while gradually imparting a sun-kissed glow and can be mixed with your favourite moisturizer or oil for radiance-boosting effects.


For a Quick Fix that Lasts:

Body Blur Sunless Glow in Latte, €39, Vita Liberata

This multitasking gem gives the most flawless skin finish instantly, while a longer lasting self-tan develops underneath.

For Dry Skins:

Coconut Melting Tanning Balm Face & Body, €38, James Read

Formulated with organic Coconut Oil, this rich balm that melts into the skin for a deeply nourished glow.

For a Believable Hue:

Delicious Self-Tanning Cream, €32, Clarins

This delicious self-tanner smells like Cocoa and has a tinted caramel colour for easy application and a natural-looking golden glow. 

For a Gradual Fade:

Gradual Tanning Milk, €17.50, Bondi Sands

Use this milk daily as an everyday moisturiser to keep skin hydrated and golden. No weird streaks and no sheet-transfer!

For Next Level Bronze:

Moroccan Tan Ultra Dark, €56.95, Xen Tan

Not for the fair-at-heart, the rich guide colour washes off to reveals an ultra-dark olive tan, that isn’t at all tangoed.


Happy Tanning! And let us know your favourite faux-glowers in the comments section.... we're all experts on the topic after all.