Saving the whales, but make it fashion. 

Doing your best to help the planet while also pining for heavily discounted goods can be the cross to bear for more socially conscious of us. 

But, instead of overhauling your habits – something dreadfully hard to do – why don't be guide your habit to a more environmentally friendly path, and support others who are doing so?

Now we're talking. 

Enter, your new favourite bits. 

1. Elate Cosmetics

Think being eco-friendly means that you have to give up on beautiful packaging? Think again. Elate Cosmetics, the vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, sustainable and conscious beauty products boast sustainable and reusable bamboo packaging that is quite simply as good as it gets. 

In fact, all Elate packaging can be planted, eaten, recycled or reused. Fancy that. 

Their products are also beautiful, affordable and make for the perfect shelfie. Check their Instagram here

2. Nobody's Child

Unlike their counterparts, ethical brand Nobody’s Child has set their business apart from the rest by being in personal charge of everything they flog. 

The brand does it all – from dying the fabrics to designing the clothes to making the garments in its own factories.

As well as being socially and ethically aware, NC is refreshingly affordable with most items coming in at under €40. As well as this, the clothes have been deemed worthy enough to be sold by ASOS and Topshop – meaning that they're as wearable as they are sustainable. 

Check out their Instagram here

3. Oxfam Online

An incredible online shop that allows you to purvey the previously-loved goods of others and pick up a bargain in one fell swoop. 

The online store is wholly expansive and do returns like a regular online retailer. They also boast a huge amount of new items with tags still on them, meaning you could pick up a brand new piece for a fraction of the price. 

Let’s use the clothes that are already in existence while also picking up a killer and individual piece. 

4. Reformation

Boasting an Instagram cult-following, Reformation can be seen on everyone from Michelle Obama to Meghan Markle. 

At Reformation, they believe in sharing the true cost of fashion through their very own 'RefScale', which tracks their exact environmental footprint in terms of water, carbon dioxide, and waste.

It covers everything from growing the raw materials, dyeing, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and even garment care.

The pieces are a little pricier than the rest on this list, but they are heavenly. Check out their Instagram here.

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