Craving some new ways to inspire your fitness routine? Here are four ways to give yourself a new boost. 

1. Roll with it

Your fascia, (no, not a word we made up, nor is it one to be confused with ‘phalange’), is a network of connective tissues that excrete a substance which creates stiffness in the muscles when we exercise – otherwise known as the post-workout burn. And while foam rolling isn’t exactly news in the fitness world, using one for myofascial release is proving popular amongst wellbeing experts. Rolling to release any build-up and melt away the restrictions around muscle groups will keep your body working at its optimum level.

2. Reduce your caffeine

A pre-workout espresso might boost gym performance, but it can also cause greater post-workout fatigue. Go for a matcha green tea instead for a caffeine hit, with the added boost of antioxidants. Organic Supreme Matcha Green Tea, €3.65, Pukka

3. Get More Sleep

The body experiences major physiological changes during sleep and the release of the human growth hormone – responsible for building and repairing of muscles – peaks early in the evening, around 10pm each night. Deep Sleep Bath Soak, €29, This Works

4. Get Outdoors

Running on the uneven ground outdoors, as opposed to pounding the flat surface of the treadmill, proves for a much more challenging workout overall, as you put more of the muscles in your legs to work.Gel Quantum 360 Knit 2 Trainer, €200, Asics

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