IWC Media will produce the 80-minute piece.

A new documentary about celebrated Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde is set for the BBC, Variety reports. 

'The Importance Of Being Oscar' will tell the beloved writer's story with the help of an all-star cast, including Freddie Fox, Claire Skinner, Anna Chancellor and James Fleet.

The 80-minute show will aim to recreate excerpts from his greatest works, including 'The Importance of Being Earnest' and 'The Picture of Dorian Gray', as well as concentrating on his controversial personal life and subsequent fall from grace.

Stephen Fry, alongside Wilde's grandson Merlin Holland and biographer Matthew Sturgis, are the brains behind the organisation – and will be uprooting details of the late poet's life in order to encapsulate his glittering yet scandalous presence on-screen accurately.

The executive producer of the documentary, Franny Moyle, spoke to 'Variety', stating that the piece will focus primarily on his "fuller life", rather than just his trail and imprisonment.

He said: "We felt that the story of Oscar’s trial, imprisonment and the final years have been well-covered. But the story of his fuller life, and the importance and brilliance of the work he created before his fall deserved fuller attention alongside an account of his tragic demise."

While a release date has yet to be revealed, it's believed that 'The Importance of Being Oscar,' will air on BBC Two at some stage in 2019. 

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