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5 Simple Midweek Dinner Recipes You Can Make In 30 Minutes Or Less

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Now that the kids are gone back to school and offices re-opening, it can be hard to find the time to make both a healthy and satisfying meal. But with these quick and easy recipes, you'll have dinner served in 30 minutes or less.

Our food cravings have inspired this list, based on recipes we've been posting on the site lately. The dishes below are ones we know we'll cook again and again, so try them out with us and let us know what you think.

grilled rump steak with garlic aioli

It may not be as tender as other cuts but there's no denying that rump steak is the best for flavour. And what’s more, it’s half the price. Rump steak can be grilled or fried, served plain or with a sauce such as a peppercorn, mushroom or – as this recipe suggests – garlic aioli. For best results, use a non-stick pan and allow your rump steak to come up to room temperature before cooking.  

Get the recipe, here. 


This pesto pasta recipe is a delicious quick and easy midweek recipe. It can be served as a main dish or side dish, and you can enjoy it warm or cold (ideal for lunches!). Full instructions on how to make your own basil pesto are included, or you can make it even easier and use store-bought.

Get the recipe, here.

thai sweet potato soup

The days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping and you've swapped your sandals for a trusty pair of black boots – winter is coming. While we're sad to see summer go, the cold weather makes the perfect excuse for having soup for every meal. This delicious, nutritious soup recipe is quick and easy to make. Both sweet potato and squash lend themselves well to some Thai flavours while coconut milk is a handy alternative to finishing your soup with milk or cream.

Get the recipe, here. 

sticky beef stir-fry with ginger and soy

For quick, easy, and budget-friendly meals, you can't beat a stir-fry. You get your protein, your greens, your carbs all in one skillet and less than 30 minutes later, the family is at the table eating a healthy dinner. Once you know the basics behind putting together a great stir-fry, you can easily introduce new ingredients, try new sauces and sides. For now, stick with this tasty sticky beef stir-fry recipe that's just perfect for those midweek meals. 

Get the recipe, here. 

haddock smokies

Deceptively simple, these little smoked fish gratins are an indulgent midweek meal. Serve with slices of soda bread to mop up the delicious sauce and perhaps some roasted cubed potatoes for the ultimate comfort food. 

Get the recipe, here. 

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