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5 Great Batch Cooking Recipes To Make Life Easier

Good food with minimum hassle.

Fast food but not as you know it: these tasty dishes take some of the hard work out of lunches and dinners. 

However life looks for you at the moment, we'll bet it's sometimes hard to get everything done in a day. Even the biggest cooking fan can struggle to find the time to make great meals all the time, but getting to grips with batch cooking can change everything.

With that in mind, we've rounded up five fantastic recipes that can be enjoyed when you cook them, with some portions popped in the freezer for a quick, tasty meal another day. 

Spiced lentil and carrot soup

Soup is a fantastic option for batch cooking. A bowl of something tasty makes for a great mid-week lunch or if you want to make dinner feel like more of an event (in the absence of restaurants), it works as a starter too. This spiced lentil and carrot soup recipe from Glenisk is perfect for colder months, as it's filling and warming too. Get the recipe here

Meatballs, charred aubergine with lemon and thyme

Endlessly versatile, meatballs are quick to make and if you double up on amounts you can keep some in the freezer to defrost when you need them. This dish from The Butler's Pantry teams meatballs with charred aubergine and aromatic lemon and thyme for a delicious dish. Serve it with spaghetti or you can pair with rice or potatoes too. Click here to get the full recipe.

Smoky Vegetarian Chilli

If you're doing Meat Free Mondays, or are a full-on veggie, this easy chilli is full of warming, smoky flavour thanks to cumin, cayenne pepper and smoked chipotle peppers. It's filling and nutritious too, with garlic and kidney beans in there, and freezes very well - just make sure to let it cool down completely before you pop it in the freezer. Get the recipe here.

Baked rigatoni

There are few things as hearty and tasty as a cheesy pasta dish and this one from renowned chef Matty Matheson's cookbook is a gem. It's packed with flavour, as there's meatballs made with ground pork, veal and beef in there, as well as rich tomato sauce and lots of delicious cheese (Parmesan and mozzarella). It's worth taking the time to make it, and will be even nicer the next day. You'll find the recipe here

Tuscan bean soup

We may not be able to get to Tuscany but at least the flavours of Tuscany came come to us! This hearty Tuscan bean soup from Avoca is a lovely option for colder days. Serve it with some pesto on top and, of course, lots of warm crusty bread on the side. Double up on the ingredients and save portions in the freezer for a quick, healthy lunch. Get the recipe here.

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