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The Best Books To Curl Up With On A Cold, Dreary Day (Like Today)

Pure escapism.

With the weather being nothing short of miserable, there’s never been a better moment to curl up with a truly great book. 

Winter is coming, but while the weather remains inconsistent – and the coronavirus epidemic continues to dictate – staying in with a good novel seems like the only way forward.

Fortunately, there’s a wealth of brilliant new books to take your mind off COVID-19 while you’re under self-imposed house arrest.

Below, Irish Tatler lists its favourite page-turners to devour now. 

HORMONAL, by Eleanor Morgan 

Morgan explores the stigma around hormonal pain in a call-to-action to bring women’s hormonal health into the collective consciousness.

AFTER THE END, by Clare Mackintosh 

When Max and Pip’s son becomes terminally ill, his fate is in their hands but neither of them can agree on what to do. A summer page-turner.

DOLORES, by Lauren Aimee Curtis

A pregnant woman is taken in by nuns as one of their own. Dolores adjusts to her new life but not so distant memories of another neon-lit life linger.

ZED, by Juanna Kavenna

A razor-sharp satire about life under the ubiquitous eye of a global tech corporation, Juanna Kavenna has hit a home run with Zed.

PUTNEY, by Sofka Zinovieff

For lovers of Lolita, Putney revolves around Daphne who is forced to confront the secrets of her past when her own daughter comes of age.

THE BLESSED GIRL, by Angela Makhowla

Bontle Tau is the epitome of hashtag blessed, but what really lurks behind the surface? This is Crazy Rich Asians meets Desperate Housewives 2.0.

WHISPER NETWORK, by Chandler Baker

Corporate America; four women, one manipulative male boss, and countless secrets. The definitive thriller of the #MeToo era.

WOMEN TALKING, by Miriam Toews

When Margaret Atwood tweets about your book, you know it’s a winner! Women Talking is Miriam Toews’ response to the ghost-rapes of Bolivia.

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