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This Dublin Salon Is Hosting Virtual Spa Parties

Had your fill of virtual cocktails or movie nights with the girls? How about a virtual spa party instead? 

The latest Covid-19 lockdown is depriving us of many things, including time with friends and beauty appointments.

However one salon has come up with a clever solution – and it just might be the perfect thing to do with your pals, while also sorting out your skincare woes too!  

Dublin’s Buff Day Spa is now hosting virtual spa parties and, priced at €40 per person, they're available nationwide. Attendees fill out a skincare questionnaire in advance, highlighting any particular issues or concerns, then they received a custom Image skincare kit to their door ahead of the event.

The 60-minute virtual parties are hosted by a head therapist on Zoom, meaning participants can follow along with the expert instructions and also ask questions about products and any skincare woes they might have.  

And undoubtedly, the way we’re living at the moment is bringing lots of skincare issues, from mask-related blemishes to the overall impact of stress on our complexions. We caught up with Tanisha Mongan, Buff Day Spa’s Trainee Spa Manager to get some of her top tips and advice. 

It's a stressful time for everyone at the moment, do you think that is having an impact on skin?

Absolutely, stress can completely throw the skin’s balance out of whack. But it is not just stress - a change in diet, a lack of fresh air and a change in our normal skincare routines can have huge impacts on the skin. Also, the knock-on effect of not wearing makeup can also mean skincare is neglected, resulting in things like blemishes. All we can do is try our best to keep as much normality in our daily routines as possible - get out for some fresh air, drink enough water and mind ourselves.

What sort of problems are people experiencing?

A new word we are hearing a lot of is 'maskne'. Since the start of the pandemic, people have been complaining that they are suffering from breakouts along the lower half of the face due to wearing masks. To help prevent this make sure you are washing your re-useable mask after every use or if using disposable ones always using a new mask. Make sure you are double cleansing to keep the area clean. If you do notice extra congestion or breakouts consider introducing some salicylic acid into your routine - this helps to keep pores clean and minimise breakouts – but make sure to consult a skincare expert before trying new ingredients.

Should we switch up the products we’re

using now?

Our skin is always changing which means its needs change also. The best thing to do is to have a consultation with a skincare therapist. They will either recommend a full routine (if that is what you need) or they will help you optimise it with the products you already have and one or two new ones.

What are your top three skincare tips?

  - Always double cleanse. The first cleanse is just to remove the dirt or makeup; the second is what is cleaning your skin and allows you to get the full benefit of your cleanser.

 - Never leave your house without SPF. Not only are you protecting yourself from the dangers of UVB rays, you are also preventing your skin from premature ageing from being exposed to harmful UVA rays.

- Exfoliation is such an important but often forgotten step. It helps with anti-ageing, making our skin fresh and bright but, as it removes dead skin cells, it allows us to get the full benefits of any serums and moisturisers that we are using as it allows them to penetrate more easily.

What's your go-to product?

At the moment I am loving my Image Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque, €44.50. It both gently exfoliates and hydrates and my skin looks glowing and feels so soft after using it. It's the perfect product for this time of year to combat that dryness and dehydration a lot of us are feeling.

Main image: sincerely media/unsplash

The Buff Day Spa virtual spa parties cost €40 per person. To book or for more information email email [email protected]