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How To Make Those Açaí Bowls You've Been Seeing All Over Instagram

Your breakfast just called, it wants to be this smoothie bowl...
If you're drinking your morning smoothie out of a glass, you're doing it wrong.

 While we love smoothies, there's something far more satisfying about eating said smoothie in bowl form. Maybe it's the whole not-slurping-it-down-in-five-minutes thing?! While you could just simply pour your smoothie of choice into a bowl instead of a glass, typing in #acaibowls on Instagram proves otherwise. From tropical images of hollowed-out coconuts filled with creamy smoothie blends and an array of colourful toppings to Scandi takes on the trend housed in marble bowls. 

And as much as we love to ogle these lovely snapshots (some verge on actual art), recreating one of the masterpieces at home feels like another story completely. Because how exactly does one even pronounce acaí? Let alone make a bowl from scratch. 

In order to actually attempt making a trendy smoothie bowl for ourselves, we turned to the pros from Eathos for some help. The chefs shared their go-to (and simple to assemble at home) recipe, which is also easy to customise.

But there's just one catch:

"Acaí (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is a superfood berry that grows in the Amazon rainforest," says founder of Eathos, Lisa Murrin. "It is not possible to buy the fresh berries here in Ireland but Nua Naturals – an Irish company – have an acaí powder which we use for this recipe. The creamy texture comes from the frozen banana; we’d recommend cutting it into chunks before freezing to make it easier to blend. For the granola, you can use any shop-bought granola but we make our own at Eathos which is refined sugar and dairy-free, which you can also buy instore."



  • 40g frozen banana                                      
  • 45g smooth peanut butter
  • 450g frozen mixed berries
  • 6g acai powder, available in health food shops
  • 120ml cold water                                                     
  • Handful sugar-free granola          
  • Small handful desiccated coconut shavings
  • 1 passion fruit, cut in half   
  • 30g fresh berries
  • Sprinkle bee pollen, available in health food shops
  • Sprinkle cacao nibs, available in health food shops
  • 3 edible flowers, optional     


  1. Using a blender or any smoothie maker, blitz the frozen banana until smooth. Add the peanut butter and blitz again.                                                                       
  2. Add the frozen berries, the acaí powder and the water and continue blending until smooth. You can add more water until the desired consistency is reached. It should have the appearance of thick Greek yoghurt.
  3. Top with the granola (as much as you like), coconut, passion fruit and berries. Sprinkle over the bee pollen and cacao nibs. Garnish with the edible flowers if using, and serve.

TOP TIP: This is a very popular takeaway option because it keeps well and doesn’t spill, so you can make this an on-the-go snack.

This article was originally posted on our siter site FOOD AND WINE.

Main image by @breakfastwithzo on Instagram

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