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Simplify Your Weeknight Cooking With These Easy One Pot Dinner Recipes

Make dinnertime easy

Cleaning up will be a breeze!

Ahead, you’ll find recipes that even your kids will like and even some healthy dinner ideas too. Some even take less than 30 minutes, giving you even more time to sit on the couch and do nothing.

Ahead, we’ve gathered some of the best one-pot recipes from one of our favourite female cooks, Rukmini Iyer. Whether you're looking for chicken, vegetable or even desserts, Rukmini is back with a new book – and this one is all about easy and tasty one-pot wonders. 

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Featuring 75 new recipes The Roasting Tin Around the World brings together tasty one-pot dishes from all over the globe. It's full of brilliant ideas for quick mid-week meals and desserts and each one is made with familiar supermarket ingredients.

Just pop them into a roasting dish and let the oven do the hard work. 

Below, a trio of recipes from her book for you to try yourself. Happy cooking!

S'mores rocky road 

"This is possibly my proudest creation: chocolate refrigerator cake, or tiffin, crossed with rocky road, crossed with s’mores – the American campfire classic of Graham crackers and marshmallows sandwiched with a piece of chocolate, and toasted over a fire. In this version, the marshmallows just start to catch and caramelise under a hot oven. Perfect to take over to friends’ houses, as it is rich and generously proportioned." Try it here.

Roasted aubergine with peanuts, chilli and lime

"The peanut dressing for this quick and easy dish works so well with the aubergines and pepper – perfect to serve alongside rice or noodles. As brands of peanut butter vary, you may need to spend a little time beating it with the soy sauce and sesame oil to get a good spoonable consistency – but it’s well worth it." Get the recipe here.

All-in-one paella with chicken peppers and chorizo

"Inspired by oven-cook risottos, I give you this oven-cooked paella – no stirring, just beautifully cooked saffron rice, rich with chorizo, chicken and garlic. While it’s celebratory enough to serve to friends, I’d happily eat leftovers for the rest of the week’s lunches or dinners – the flavour only improves overnight in the fridge." Check out the recipe here.

Extracted from: The Roasting Tin Around the World – Global One-Dish Dinners by Rukmini Iyer (Square Peg). 

Main image by  David Loftus