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Trifle, Anyone? – An Official Friends Cookbook Is Coming

Joey. Doesn't. Share. Food.

The One With All The Recipes. 

If you – like many others – have spent your quarantine watching '90s reruns while covered in haphazard tufts of flour, then have we got news for you. 

A soon-to-be-released Friends cookbook is finally gracing our presence, allowing you to channel your inner Monica and Joey all at once. 

The 100-recipe volume – which has been given Warner Brothers’ blessing – features dishes ranging from Rachel’s Beef Trifle to… food you'd actually be proud to serve guests. Written by chef Amanda Lee and described as a “fun homage to the show that’s always been there for you”, each page will include a recipe from the series along with details about its backstory on Friends (and a suggested episode to watch while you eat, of course).

Other Friends-adjacent recipes include Just for Joey Fries, Monica's Friendsgiving Feast, Chandler Bing's "Milk You Can Chew,", Phoebe Buffay's Grandmother's Cookies and the infamous Moist Maker sandwich. 

There’s also a recipe for the meatball sub that Joey lunges to protect when a car backfires in “The One with the Ride-Along”. (“Be careful not to over smell all of the mouth-watering goodness; you’ll suck up all the taste units,” the intro warns.)

Thankfully, the book is appropriate for all skill levels. Meaning that you, yes you, can't mess it up. 

Friends: The Official Cookbook is due for release on 22 September and you can pre-order it on Amazon now. 

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