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4 Ways To Practice Self-Care (That Don't Involve A Face Mask)

The better-looking cousin of ‘treat yourself’. 

So, here's the skinny on self-care. 

‘Self-care’ is one of the most highly circulated phrases of the year with its trend status right on par with avocado on toast.

Hashtags, captions and vibes - totally disowning myself after that one - praise the theme, but is all this promotion and need to prove your ‘Self-Care Sunday’ completely diverging from the true meaning of the practice? 

Simply posting a picture with a hot chocolate and declaring you are engaging in self-care is distracting you from enjoying the present moment, along with the strongly felt obligation to showcase your life being the addiction leading the problem. 

The main reason self-care has become so prominent is largely at the hands of technology and modern society’s inability to switch off from a constant flow of bright screens. Increasingly pressurised work environments and costs of living also behave as stressors pushing us into overdrive and catalysing the need to relax.

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Understanding the importance of proper self-care in order to recharge and reemerge energised is crucial today in light of the anxiety uprising. Equally, steering clear of smartphones and laptops for a couple of minutes each day to focus on another activity truly relieves built-up daily tension and boosts self-confidence - less comparing, more gratitude.

Self-care is a tricky route where repetition is key. Unfortunately, a cookie-cutter Instagram post won’t quite suffice, no matter how many validating likes and messages it receives. In proper support for the movement, listed below are a couple of phone and Netflix-free self-care ideas you can try and rave about - afterwards. Enjoy!


Don’t be alarmed, exercising is not only beneficial after a rigorous, boot camp sweat session, but any sort of movement. A gorgeous winter walk in the park with your dog, or listening to a podcast and experiencing honest enjoyment from being out in nature does wonder’s for the soul and quietens the mind. If you really want to unwind from a crazy day filled with racing thoughts, yoga is an excellent form of exercise that focuses on breathing and flexibility, it might just take a couple of tries to get into it. Namaste. 


Good food doesn’t always need to translate as the healthiest possible option. For self-care, your favourite food suits best. Remembering not to overindulge so that you feel unwell and to establish balance within your diet steadies emotions and maintains a happy mood. Not being too strict with yourself quashes the mentality of deprivation and poor eating habits. With that in mind, go eat all the pizza. 


Whatever your definition of pampering is, be sure to prioritise moments of self-indulgence. Whether you enjoy getting your nails or hair done, retail therapy or a boujee trip to the spa, little acts demonstrating appreciation for oneself are the ultimate forms of self-care. Feeling your best increases confidence and adds a sense of momentum for you to own your day. 


Despite conversation fluidity and people skills significantly declining due to lack of practice in the digital era, socialising is a fundamental aspect of being human. While independence is similarly championed, constant isolation will only cause severe anguish and mental harm. Self-care through physical meetups such as coffee with friends and spending time with family generates peace of mind and a much-needed sense of security. Energies among people are contagious, for the most part, a text message is not good enough, no matter how many emojis are used.

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