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How To Make The Ultimate Hot Whiskey, Because You Deserve It

A tonic for the cold days to come

Now that the weather has changed, it's time to perfect the art that is preparing a hot whiskey...

One look out the window today and it's safe to say that summer has well and truly left the chat.

Between the gale-force winds, constant rain and shorter evenings, winter is slowly but surely creeping in. As sad and mood busting as that can be, there is one plus side to the ever-dropping temperatures: it's finally cold enough to enjoy a hot whiskey or toddy, if you will. 

A well-made, high-strength hot toddy is a thing of majesty. Not only will this winter warmer ward off colds and nourish the soul, it will also make those days fighting over who gets to position their makeshift WFH desk next to the radiator a thing of the past. 

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A traditional Scottish drink that originated in the 1700s, the source of the name “hot toddy” is disputed. It might be an adaptation of the Indian “toddy”, a wine made from palm sap, but could equally be a reference to the water from Tod’s Well on Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh.

Regardless, it’s long been relied upon as a winter cure-all. 

So, with winter on its way, we quizzed the experts over at Jameson to discover what it takes to whip up the delicious beverage at home. 

how to make the ultimate hot TODDY: 


  • 50ml Jameson whiskey
  • 20ml spiced tea syrup (get the recipe, here.)
  • 80ml pipping hot water
  • Freshly squeezed lemon wedge dropped in as garnish


  1. Add 50ml Jameson Original, 20ml spiced tea syrup and 80ml piping hot water to a stainless steel jug and steam under a wand until boiling point is reached. If you don't have a wand, steaming hot waterworks here.
  2. Pour into a heated glass or mug before squeezing the lemon into the drink.
  3. Drop the lemon wedge into the glass and serve.

Main image by @_myfoodaffair_ on Instagram

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