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The All-Natural Homemade Hair Masque That Cardi B Swears By For Dry Hair

Made from ingredients you'll almost certainly have at home.

Because you can have all the money in the world, but sometimes you just want to indulge in some DIY. 

International superstar Cardi B has shared a home recipe with her Instagram followers, but not the kind you'd serve for dinner. Detailing a recipe she concocts as a hair masque for her daughter Kulture, Cardi swears by all-natural ingredients to lock in moisture to her daughter's distinctly curly tresses.

"My hair is not curly, my daughter's hair is curly. But I still needed moisture. All the good things you put in your body, you gotta put in your hair. You're not going to put soda in your hair!" 

This recipe, she said, is particularly good for bringing out curl patterns.

To a bowl, she adds: 

  • Two ripe avocados
  • A medley of natural oils (she uses argan oil, olive oil and black castor oil)
  • A dessert spoon of honey
  • Two raw eggs
  • A banana
  • And "a bug chunky scoop" of mayonnaise

As olive oil and eggs are the two main ingredients in mayonnaise, it's great for adding strength and shine to hair. You'll often find components of either in store-bought conditioners.

Castor oil is also known as a powerful treatment for growth and can be used on eyelashes and brows to thicken them up.

She mixes this in a blender and smoothes it through Kulture's hair – immediately producing more bounce and shine. 

She then adds it to her own hair – which she says isn't curly but can be dry – by winding it into a bun to set, then coiling her hair into loose twists, before washing out. 

Following this, she posted a photo to Instagram of her hair post-wash and looking impeccable. 

With it, she wrote, "Treat your hair ladies", adding that no one should be dissuaded from wearing wigs if they need to: "It helps with hair growth ALOT".

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