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Everything New Coming To Netflix This Month

Pass the popcorn...

The coming month will bring you the third season of Selling Sunset, all three series of hit crime drama The Fall, and a tonne of noughties rom-coms including How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days and 13 Going On 30.

We're more than halfway through the summer, and we're still waiting for some sun to shine through. Until it does, Netflix is here with a whole host of new TV series and films to curl up with and binge on in the safe haven that is our sofa and blanket. 

And while there will surely come a point where Netflix struggles to find new material to release given the ongoing disruption to production on new shows, that point has not come yet – there are several exciting new releases coming to the service in the next month.

August sees the return of the cult favourite series Lucifer for the first part of its fifth season, while hit original reality TV show Selling Sunset is back for a third run after a hugely successful second outing earlier this year.

There are also several new documentaries, including one that focuses on the career and controversial legacy of former France international striker Nicolas Anelka, and another about a man who spent his life trying to find aliens.

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All three series of hit crime drama The Fall, starring Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan, will also be available to stream on the platform from August 1, too.

On the movie front, there is no doubting the headline news – Netflix is adding another big-budget blockbuster to its ranks, this time an action film called Project Power starring Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon Levitt. But if new movies aren't your jam, you'll be pleased to learn that Netflix has also revealed it will be adding a wealth of older movies, including:

  • American History X (1998)
  • How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (2003)
  • Duplicity (2009)
  • 13 Going On 30 (2004)
  • Out Of Sight (1998)
  • Rumour Has It… (2005)

So pour yourself a glass of rosé, grab a blanket and get ready to spend all of August indoors – this time willingly. 


August 1

  • American History X
  • American Pie Presents: Band Camp
  • Bad Grandpa .5
  • Child's Play 2
  • Deep Impact
  • DON'T TELL THE BRIDE: Season 1 
  • Duplicity
  • Flipped
  • Friday Night Dinner: Season 5
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  •  Jackass 2.5
  •  Jackass 3.5: The Unrated Movie
  •  Jackass: Number Two
  • Open Season
  • Out of Sight
  • Rumor Has It...
  • Seed of Chucky
  • Sex and the City 2
  • The Fall: Series 1-3
  • The Imitation Game
  • The Judge
  •  The Mask
  •  The Saint
  • Twilight
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2
  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
  •  The Twilight Saga: New Moon
  • Super Monsters: The New Class (Netflix Family)

August 2

  • Connected (Netflix Documentary)

August 3

  • Immigration Nation (Netflix Documentary)
  • The Peanut Butter Falcon

August 4

  • Mundo Mistério (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • Sam Jay: 3 In The Morning (Netflix Comedy)
  • A Go! Go! Cory Carson Summer Camp (Netflix Family)
  • Malibu Rescue: The Next Wave (Netflix Family)

August 5

  • World's Most Wanted (Netflix Documentary)
  • Anelka : Misunderstood (Netflix Documentary)

August 6

  • The Rain: Season 3 (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of The Gods (Netflix Anime)

August 7

  • High Seas: Season 3 (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • Selling Sunset: Season 3 (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • Sing On! Germany (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • Tiny Creatures (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • ¡Nailed It! México: Season 2 (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • Work It (Netflix Film)
  • Berlin, Berlin (Netflix Film)
  • The New Legends of Monkey: Season 2 (Netflix Family)
  • Wizards: Tales of Arcadia (Netflix Family) 
  • Word Party Songs (Netflix Family)
  • The Magic School Bus Rides Again Kids In Space (Netflix Family)

August 8

  • Serial Killer with Piers Morgan: Season 1

August 9

  • Jumanji

August 10 

  • GAME ON: A Comedy Crossover Event (Netflix Original TV Series)

August 11

  • Rob Schneider: Asian Momma, Mexican Kids (Netflix Comedy)

August 12

  • (Un)Well  (Netflix Documentary)
  • Greenleaf: Season 5 (Netflix Original TV Series)

August 13

  • Une fille facile (Netflix Film)
  • The Peanuts Movie

August 14

  • Teenage Bounty Hunters (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • 3%: Season 4 (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • El robo del siglo (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • Project Power (Netflix Film)
  • Fearless (Netflix Film)
  • Octonauts & the Caves of Sac Actun (Netflix Family)
  • Bee Movie
  • The Invention of Lying

August 15 

  • Rita: Season 5 (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • Drifters: Season 1-4
  • Jackass: The Movie

August 17 

  • Crazy Awesome Teachers (Netflix Film)
  • Glitch Techs: Season 2 (Netflix Family)

August 19 

  • DeMarcus Family Rules (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • Crímenes de familia (Netflix Film)
  • High Score (Netflix Documentary)

August 20

  • Biohackers (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • John Was Trying to Contact Aliens (Netflix Documentary)
  • Great Pretender (Netflix Anime)

August 21

  • Hoops (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • Lucifer: Season 5 (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • Fuego negro (Netflix Film)
  • The Sleepover (Netflix Film)
  • Alien TV (Netflix Family)

August 23

  • 13 Going on 30 

August 25 

  • Trinkets: Season 2 (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • Emily's Wonder Lab (Netflix Family)

August 26

  • Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • La venganza de Analía (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • Million Dollar Beach House (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • Rising Phoenix (Netflix Documentary)
  •  Venom

August 27 

  • Aggretsuko: Season 3 (Netflix Anime)

August 28 

  • Cobra Kai: Seasons 1-2 (Netflix Original TV Series)
  • Santana (Netflix Film)
  • All Together Now (Netflix Film)

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