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The 3 Best Stylists To Follow For Hair Tutorials Now

From root touch up to trimming your own fringe – look no further than this lot.

Save your tresses. 

As we get well and truly stuck into Phase One of our five-step plan, we've decided to embrace the life we now live and (hopefully) pick up some new skills along the way. 

Whatever that may be for you – baking, running, knitting – we're pretty pleased to be harping back on the ways of yore and getting one step closer to living out our Little House On The Prairie fantasy. 

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One thing that we're all attempting to do from home – in one way or another – is grooming. Maybe you've finally mastered brow-tinting? Or perhaps the perfect at-home facial is now your go-to?

Once you've mastered one trick, the rest of the beauty world is truly your oyster. But where to go next? 


As it's looking like salons won't be open for several weeks now, we've been virtually relying on the big guns for some time now to assure we look less Cousin IT and more Jane Birkin (let us have this one – we're quarantining).

Here's who we've found to be the best. 

Jen Atkin Hair

Of course, everyone's favourite stylist has been providing the goods this quarantine. Responsible for the barnets of everyone from Kendall Jenner to Chrissy Teigen, Jen Atkin has upped the content-game significantly now that we're all at home, showcasing everything from expert tutorials to super helpful tips and techniques.

With a two-part Instagram series on how to cut your own hair (mini trims only — save your major cut for the salon), along with her take on couch (not beach) waves via her platform ManeAddicts, Atkin shares even more instructional videos, tips, and trends from across the hair community, making her account ideal for hair inspiration and developing your skills.


Beauty editor-favourite Hershesons has taken quarantine in its stride and is posting daily tutorials and techniques from some of their top salon specialists.

Their easy-to-follow videos cover everything you need to know about executing root touch-ups, toning your hair and even applying a root tint to your hairline.

If you're looking for some styling direction, you can also peruse through how-tos on techniques like flat waves — there's even a series on air-drying different hair types. If there's a topic you don't see covered, no worries — owner Luke Hersheson and his fellow experts do a weekly series called "In Conversation With," where you can ask them all your burning hair (hopefully not literally) questions.

Bleach London

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For those of us keen to experiment during these isolating times, look no further than Bleach London. The brand's tutorials give a vibrant new mood to your stay-at-home hair complete with a full-colour line for at-home testing. 

These dye jobs aren't for the faint-hearted, but if you're into greens, pinks, purples, and other unicorn hues, this is your spot for all the details on how to finesse these colours at home. Bleach also provides tutorials on its blog, while on IG there’s a mash-up of cool colour stories and posts.

Plus, the team regularly hosts virtual "Hair Parties" on Instagram — a recent one featured Maisie Williams and Pixie Geldof dyeing their hair live.

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