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Redecorating? This Is The New Interior Trend Worth Queuing Up For

A gamechanger for small kitchens.

The bar cart has an upgrade. 

It's no secret that bar carts have slowly but surely taken over the world, and by the world, we mean our Instagram feed. The trend first emerged back in March 2018 and since then, it's gone on to prove that no one (not even Jennifer Lawerence) can resist the power of a bar cart. 

Owning a bar cart, especially a well-curated one, is what 2019 considered adulting at its finest. What started as a popular staple in mid-century households still holds strong as a most wanted home accessory in 2019; thanks to its storage versatility, DIY drink-mixing convenience, and overall power as a stylish decor piece. So much so that it resulted in a literal frenzy (Read: people queuing outside stores across the country at 6 am just to get their hands on a gold spherical cart.) when Penneys announced last month it would be selling an Instagram worthy cart for a mere €50. 

And while bar carts still very much have a presence on Instagram (we struggle to scroll through our feed without seeing at least eight), it seems as though there's a new interiors trend coming to take over our feeds. Meet the kitchen cart.

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The perfect solution for when your food space is a tiny one, the solution to opening up those cramped countertops to floors and every limited inch in between comes in the form of a cart (so you can put the sledgehammer down).

Granted, kitchen carts are the less sexy, but much savvier cousin of bar carts; with multi-capable storage abilities for everything from food to cookware, rolling wheels for easy access, and compact structures built to accommodate the smallest of spaces. Whether you live in a poorly laid out home or a one-room studio apartment, we've lined up the streamlined units to help expand your kitchens (or lack thereof).

shop your answer to small kitchen storage ideas: 

ETHNICRAFT Kompagnon 27100 Bar Cart Oak and Black, €389.00, Arnotts

Tollerton Wooden Kitchen Trolley, €159, Argos

Apollo Chrome 3-Basket Vegetable Trolley, €34.99, Littlewoods

Lita Kitchen Cart, €153, Urban Outfitters

Pine Tiletop Trolley, €69, Argos

STENSTORP Kitchen trolley, €130, IKEA

Rolling Stone Trolley, €199, Butlers


Marlborough Trolley, €503.10, Arnotts

Ford Kitchen Trolley, €65, Harvey Norman

Home Kitchen Trolley with Wine Rack, €95, Argos


Main image by @_lisa_dawson_ on Instagram

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