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A New Irish Company Brings The Dinner Table Of Dreams To Your Door

We chat to Peacock & Co. co-founder Monique McGahon about the rise of tablescaping

The simple things seem to mean more these days and many of us are putting lots of time and effort into the everyday.

We’re styling up corners of our homes and are focusing on good food, experimenting with new dishes or ordering at-home meals from our favourite restaurants until we can visit them in person again. And setting a beautiful table is all part of the experience, even if it’s just for you and your housemates for the moment. 

Now one Irish business is aiming to take the hard work out of creating the perfect table with ready-to-go tablescapes. 

Peacock & Co. was founded by two friends, Elaine Mackenzie-Smith and Monique McGahon. Mackenzie-Smith is the owner of interior design company, Number 10 Design and McGahon has a background in marketing and events. Inspired by their love of food and design, the duo decided to combined their skills to create a tablescaping company.

While you can buy everything on the site, you can also rent the settings too – from place names right down to cutlery and linens. We caught up with McGahon to find out more about the increasing popularity of tablescaping and renting table settings in Ireland.

What prompted you to set up the business?

Peacock & Co. was first and foremost born out of friendship. Elaine and I are best friends and have a shared passion for design and good food. We believe sharing food is one of the simplest pleasures in life and a beautifully laid table is an opportunity to transport people to a place that not only stimulates the senses, but also the imagination and emotions. So we combined our passion and skills to tap into the new social movement and emerging trend of tablescaping.

Where do you find inspiration for table set ups?

Our four collections, Landscape, Flowerscape, Seascape and Dreamscape, were inspired by nature and the simple beauty of the world around us. We also drew inspiration from some of our favourite restaurants such as Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud in Dublin and ABC Kitchen in New York and the collections are curated from the highest quality tableware manufacturers in Europe.

Why do you think tablescaping is important, especially now?

Tablescaping is the art of creating a themed dining table in a decorative and artful way. Sitting around an exquisite table should make your heart sing. The pandemic has reduced social events to a minimum and people, understandably, feel nervous about going out so the opportunity to have beautifully designed tablescapes delivered to your door can certainly add some joy to your home. Hopefully we can start to make memories again with our loved ones whom we have missed so much.  

Do you think people are more interested in interiors, given our restricted Covid lives?

Yes, absolutely. People are mostly at home, looking at the same four walls and beginning to get restless. It's a perfect opportunity to get creative and try out new ideas in their homes. We have seen a huge interest in interiors over the last few years, and especially since the first lockdown in early 2020. Technology has really helped in showcasing all sorts of interiors at the click of a button. Our job is to inspire and to help people have a home that will always look beautiful, not just something that is on-trend. 

What are the most popular ranges/items that people rent or buy from you?

Our Seascape and Flowerscape collections are our most popular tablescapes to rent while the most popular items that people buy are our glassware and our custom-made cutlery. People can use these every day and can appreciate the quality. One of our personal favourites is our rechargeable dinner candle. We had ours lighting from morning until night over Christmas and didn't have to worry about the danger of fires.

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