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The Importance Of Having A Routine In Lockdown

Missing your 9-5? You're not alone.

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Just last week, the first phase of Ireland's roadmap to recovery began. McDonald's reopened its Drive-Thru after ten weeks of closing its doors; our 2km radius extended to 5km and we were finally allowed to see our loved ones again - as long as it was outside, in no groups larger than four and we kept 2m apart. 

Yet unless you're working on the frontline, most corporations haven’t asked remote workers to return to the office just yet.

In fact, several tech companies such as Google and Facebook recently announced that they would continue to allow employees to work from home until 2021. Twitter is offering employees the additional option to work from home permanently if their job allows for it. Virtual working appears to be a better and easier solution than reconfiguring office spaces to adhere to social distancing guidelines and managing the myriad of challenges that come with trying to ensure employees aren’t exposed to unnecessary risks.

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While the timeline to return to the office for other industries and locations remains unclear, many people are slowly starting to realise that they’ll be working from home a lot longer than they had originally planned.

Sure, it was fun for the first few weeks. You no longer had a long commute to work in the morning, you could stay inside all day watching Netflix with no judgement - heck, you didn't even have to get dressed. While this flexibility was extremely refreshing - the novelty has well and truly worn off.  Any willpower or sense of positivity is waning or indeed gone altogether. 

Enter the work from home routine. 

Routines provide a productive structure to our working day. Without knowing that we rise at seven, have breakfast at eight and start work at nine, our day can stretch ahead hazily and aimlessly. Routines allow us to substitute habit for willpower; sitting down at our desk to begin a day’s work isn’t hard, because it’s what we expect to do. It’s what we always do. This allows us to put perpetual chunks of the day on autopilot, so we have more energy available to concentrate on the things that matter.

On top of that, routines naturally create and enforce boundaries between work and home. Your commute back from the office gives you a chance to shrug off “work mode” – as do making dinner or going for a run when you get home. These recurring actions allow you to leave your professional self behind and embrace your private self which ultimately helps our brain disconnect and relax.

What's more, a 2011 study from Tel Aviv University found that routine is a behavioural habit that nearly always provides relief from anxiety and stress, no matter what the context. Why? Researchers found that regular routines are “a way to induce calm and manage stress caused by unpredictability and uncontrollability – heightening our belief that we are in control of a situation that is otherwise out of our hands”.

The absence of routines can severely impact productivity, wellbeing and focus. Without them, it’s scarily easy to do nothing, as it is to burn out. But how does one establish a daily routine in quarantine? Well, it's a lot easier than you'd think. The obvious way is returning to your routine before our new normal aka setting an alarm to get up out of bed, showering, sitting down to have lunch, exercising after work, etc. However, one simple way to bring structure back into your life is introducing yourself to the world of aromatherapy. Not only will it help establish a daily routine but it will also help to reduce stress, calm anxiety and even help you sleep better at night. 

To find out more on how aromatherapy can help establish a healthy working from home routine, we reached out to Sinead Duffy, founder of Yogandha. Watch her expert advice below: 

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