Pre-Payday Buy:
We’re all about a swoosh of bronzer on almost bare skin to add an optimistic, sun-kissed glow. The Delightful Bronze and Illuminating Powder from L.O.V is just €10.95 and teams a soft bronzer shade with a pink highlighter, shot through with sparkle, to add radiance as well as colour. Use the shades separately to contour and highlight, or go big and sweep a large powder brush all over for natural glow.

New Classic:
There’s a new shade of Giorgio Armani’s best selling Lip Maestro, €33, hitting counters this month. A soft rose, it has a hint of purple that magically adds a touch of radiance to the face. With a velvety-gel formulation that combines the matte finish of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss, it just might be the perfect lip shade for every day. On counter at Brown Thomas from 25 May.

Shadows and Light:
The not-so-humble eyeshadow is having something of a revival, with lots of brands producing highly covetable palettes. While brights might catch the, eh, eye for summer, we’re mellowing out with more classic hues courtesy of the NARS Loaded palette, €55. The exceedingly wearable shades move from warm bronze to dark brown with finishes varying from shimmer and metallic to matte and satin. It’s perfect for updating a classic smokey eye with a gold or bronze twist – get it at House of Fraser now and
NARS counters nationwide from 1 May.

Of course any good eye look needs the finishing touch of a sweep or two of mascara and Rimmel’s latest offering Volume Shake Mascara, €10.95, makes boosting lashes easy. It boasts a first-to-market, patented shaker system that refreshes the volumising formula, and a fan brush to catch every lash.

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Best shot:

Anyone who’s used the iconic YSL Touche Éclat highlighter will attest to its radiance-boosting power so the arrival of designated face highlighters is very good news indeed. Touche Éclat Glow Shot, €25, is a glow-boosting liquid concentrate with a hydrating formulation and radiance enhancing micro pearls. It’s versatile too: apply alone as a primer; mix with your base or moisturiser, or on top of foundation to the high points of the face. Available in three shades; Champagne (for fairer skin tones), Rose (light-Medium) and Bronze (medium-dark), they’re on counters from 17 May.

Three New Foundations:

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The search for the perfect base can be a frustrating experience, one full of bad shade matches, inadequate coverage and unhappy complexions. Oily skin, for example, and foundation often make for uneasy friends. The new Clarins Pore Perfecting Matifying Foundation, €34, is a lightweight formula that sorts outs excess oil without leaving the heavy finish you can sometimes get with a foundation for oiliers types. It also ‘blurs’ imperfections, evens out the skin, and offers free radical protection too.
If you’re looking for a lighter base, Chanel’s cult-loved Les Beiges have been joined by Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch foundation, €55. It has an ultra-fine formula made with 56 per cent water, which leaves a feeling of freshness on the skin and gives a dose of hydration. It also contains SPF25, to keep skin protected in sunshine. Finally, for those who struggle to find a foundation shade to match their skin, No7’s new Airbrush Away Sheer Finish Foundation, €22, just might be the answer. A clever primer-foundation hybrid it gives skin a perfecting veil of colour. Available in Light, Medium and Dark, you can head to a No7 counter or use the No7 Match Made App to find out which shade will best suit your skin.