Salt scrubs are like sage smudging, but for self.

Salt scrubs are like sage smudging, but for self. Instagram: @renskincare

The humble grain of salt is having a real beauty moment. With interests in natural and sustainable skin-solutions on the rise, it makes sense that we're looking to something that's plentifully present in our oceans for its incredibly versatile qualities and bevy of benefits. Enter NaCl..... (that's it's scientific name, darling!)

So much more than just a haircare must-have for beauty waves; antiseptic, detoxifying, preservative, cleansing, and healing, while salt is known to dry things out, it can also help to hold moisture in. (Call your secondary school understanding of osmosis to mind.)

In the hair, it helps to build texture but in body scrubs, salt exfoliates and purifies, while soaking in a tub of the stuff helps relax both body and spirit, as well as combating the drying effects of steamy water on skin.

For go-to granules, clean salts should top your list, such as pink Himalayan, Cornish salts and Dead Sea salts, which have essential minerals and sea-leached nutrients  bound in them, for additional benefit. 

If it’s more restful sleep you're after, salt baths can help to balance energy flow and reduce cortisol levels, while those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis should harness the natural mineral's power to bolster the skin’s barrier and reduce inflammation.

If this ode to sodium chloride hasn't quite convinced you of its beauty benefits, we challenge to you try one of our a clean salt faves for yourself: 

Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Salt Anti-Fatigue Exfoliating Body Scrub, Ren Skincare

Sea Salt Exfoliator & Marine Lip Repair, MAKE Beauty

Himalayan Healing Salts, Mauli Rituals'

Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt, Christophe Robin

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