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These Are The Beauty Treatments You'll Be Booking All Year Long, According To Industry Experts

A new year (and decade) means one thing; fresh new trends.

Take notes.

As times change, so do our beauty habits. Take a walk down makeup memory lane with us for a minute and think about it: the way you did your makeup in 2010 versus how you apply makeup today is very different (hello, eyebrows). Thank goodness for growth, and cringe-worthy pictures to prove how far you've come.

The onset of a fresh decade means there are new and exciting things to do to your face. From make-believe makeup to the rise of the "microbiome," beauty is set to become more tech-savvy, more transparent, and more bespoke than ever before. Whether you like to slather on your beauty products or have someone do it for you, there is a 2020 beauty trend that will speak to each and every one of us.

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Annoyingly, we don’t have a crystal ball to help us predict the newest beauty trends but we do have Treatwell. Hair and beauty booking app, Treatwell has revealed its annual trend report giving us inside knowledge of the trends and treatments gaining popularity and cooling down. The report is based on data from Treatwell bookings throughout 2019. So, grab a pen and paper and take notes - you’ll be seeing these 2020 beauty trends everywhere this year. 


According to Treatwell, Google searches for ‘microbiome’ – the bacteria on your skin’s surface –were up by 110 per cent in 2019, which makes sense giving it’s driving the Irish facial skincare market. A healthy microbiome fights everything from ageing to acne, reflects light better (read: glow), keeps hydration in and allows products to penetrate deeper. Yes, please. 

Make-believe Makeup

Sales of make-up were in decline in 2019, with 31 per cent of us who wear it buying colour cosmetics less frequently compared to 2018, and while modest consumption may continue, 2020 looks set to be the year of a return to make-up experimentation. Popularised by HBO’s hit series Euphoria, and seen on the spring/summer 2019 catwalks including Anna Sui, Dries Van Noten, Off-White and House of Holland, make-believe make-up feels very now.


Okay, so this trend might be more popular with Generation Z. According to Treatwell, bookings for tooth jewellery are up by a huge 971 per cent. The jury is very much out on this one, but if it’s cool enough for Adwoa Aboah…

Russian Lashes

In news that will shock, well, nobody, bookings for lash treatments were up by 36 per cent in 2019. For 2020, it’s all about the extreme. According to Treatwell, bookings for Russian volume lashes are up by 794 per cent. The technique involves adding up to eight artificial lashes per natural lash for a seriously dramatic finish. Not for the faint-hearted. Book your Russian eyelash appointment, here. 


Dermaplaning (an exfoliation skin treatment which buffs off the top layer of dead skill cells as well as unwanted facial hair), saw an increase in bookings of 621 per cent year on year, according to Treatwell. It is used in facial treatments to help products penetrate deeper into the dermis. Book your dermaplaning appointment, here. 

Brow lamination

Last year, we predicted that Brow Lamination was set to be the beauty trend of the year and we were right. According to Treatwell, bookings were up 465 per cent in the last year. Lamination is long-lasting, pain-free and bang on trend, giving you perfectly-placed, brushed-up, brows - whether you’re blessed with fullness or not. Book your brow lamination appointment, here.

Big Hair

The big hair trend has been seen on celebs and catwalks alike, but it’s not just for the A list. According to Treatwell, salon-time was up too with bookings for hair-styling up-dos and permanent waves up 82 per cent and 52 per cent respectively. 


It’s no surprise that bookings for sugaring saw a 91 per cent increase. The hair removal method - which is 100 per cent organic and vegan - uses a paste made of sugar, water and lemon. In fact, its so natural you can actually eat it. Plus, it hurts less than hot wax. Book your sugaring treatments, here.


Finally, cryotherapy was also gaining traction amongst Treatwell customers, with bookings up 41 per cent. The process involves standing in a freezing chamber or room for up to several minutes. The cold blast is thought to boost the body's immune system, promote muscle healing and reduced aches and pains, among other things. Book your cryotherapy appointment, here.

Spa Days

Spa days are a forever trend. Need a little pick me up? Spa days and overnight breaks are now available on Treatwell. Take shelter from the cold at Bonnington Hotel Spa, Dublin, escape the bustle of the city with a break at Jule Beauty & Spa, Ashbourne or relax with a loved one at Killashee Spa, KIldare

Treatwell is a 24/7 platform that allows appointment booking (via website and app) across all aspects of beauty - hair, nails, grooming, facials, massages and more. Already in twelve countries across Europe, Treatwell launched in Ireland over four years ago and now work with some of the biggest names in the business. With 400+ customer-reviewed salons in Dublin, you're guaranteed an appointment to suit your schedule, budget and location.

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