Beauty is for everyone. 

Although there's an increasing shift towards inclusivity within beauty when it comes to skin tones, genders and even price point – many groups are still marginalised as much of the industry still centres on able-bodied representation. 

While many of us don't give a second thought when it comes to the makeup product or utensil we use, a huge majority of people with disabilities are usually left with little to no choices.

Enter, Grace – the innovative beauty brand that is focused on making make-up routines more accessible for those with disabilities.

With their debut range of products – available for pre-order now – the label aims to make life easier for anyone currently struggling with conventional beauty products. 

Currently, the brand only retails mascaras on the website: The Ring GripThe Safe Grip, and The Square Grip. Each comes with a set of instructions on how the product can be used. 

"The Safe Grip is easy to hold, gives a wide angled grip and ensures better control for all kinds of users."

"The Square Grip attaches to both sides of your mascara to make it easy to open, hold and control in a discrete package."

"The Ring Grip was created as a general aid for anyone. When attached, you don’t have to hold as hard, nor worry about losing your grip."

"Anyone, regardless of ability, should be able to use any beauty product they want to," according to Grace Beauty.

"To help this cause, we’re making accessories for people with disabilities. Starting with mascara, we created add-ons for better grip, control and safety."

While the aforementioned are the only products available for pre-ordering right now, more are promised – giving those who may use them high hopes for their beauty regimens in the future. 

To shop the products or contribute to Grace's efforts, click here.

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