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How To Combat Hormonal Acne, According To An Expert

Between puberty, periods, pregnancy and menopause, there isn’t really a time when, as women, we’re not going through hormonal change.

These changes, unfortunately, almost always end up in our skin suffering at the hands of hormonal acne. 

Apart from the sheer inconvenience of irritated skin (you can almost guarantee a breakout before an important event), the true cost is emotional. Which is why we got in touch with a total expert to show us how we can combat breakouts before they happen. 

"Acne is a very common skin condition and can affect us at any age," Yon-Ka Trainer Michelle tells Irish Tatler.

"There are many triggers like hormonal changes in the body, medication, stress, genetics, and even smoking. When it comes to topically treating the skin, Yon-Ka products can help alleviate the inflammation associated with acne, clean out the pores and exfoliate to prevent thickening of the skin."

Michelle's number one tip is simple – don't overdo it. 

"Always start with the basics and try not to overstimulate the skin and make the problem worse. What I mean by basics is cleanse your skin twice a day, double cleanse in the evening and use a hydration mist to replenish moisture in your skin. You should always choose oil-free moisturisers and lotions.

"Another thing I hark on about is changing your pillowcase regularly, washing your brushes weekly, do not pick at your skin and try not to touch the face throughout the day. Makeup is also something you need to consider. My opinion would be to always choose a mineral-based makeup– this allows your skin to function correctly.

"Your skin is an excretory organ after all so allow it to breath with mineral makeup. And never sleep with your makeup on. That is a big no-no, you are just going to cause unnecessary congestion in your skin. One ingredient that we use in over 70% of our products is rosemary, which has proven on many occasions to drain toxins and fluid away from the skin. This can help to alleviate cystic acne and minimise the risk of scarring."

Her recommendations are, of course, all Yon-Ka products which have been tried and tested by scientists and therapists all over the world. There's a reason these products never stay on the shelf. 

"My top pick for acne-prone skin is the Yon-Ka Gel Nettoyant (75ml €30.50) to cleanse, this has Iris which can balance oil and not over-dry the skin.

"Next would be the Yon-Ka Lotion PNG (€31.04) to keep your skin hydrated and this also has anti-inflammatory benefits.

"Using a treatment product like the Crème 15 (€35) mixed with Juvenile (€34.50) applied to the acne areas can help drain toxins away from the skin and minimise scarring.

"And moisturise daily with the Crème PG (€43) for daytime and the Phyto 58 (€47.05) for the night. This is packed full of rosemary!"

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