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Aldi Beauty: The Benefit, La Prairie And Kiehl's Dupes Worth Knowing About

The four products you should try on your next shopping trip.

Ever made your way to your local Aldi and turned your nose up at the notorious middle aisle?


Sometimes the trays of ski gear and endless photo frames are just too much to deal with when you're stopping in to pick up milk. But, we're here to tell you that they deserve your attention – big time. 

Especially at a time like right now, when the supermarket is one of the very few places we're permitted to go. 

According to trade title The Grocer, Aldi's ever-growing beauty line Lacura has racked up double-digit value sales gains in the beauty category in recent years, with their low prices and lookalike packaging hitting the right note. 

The figures show that there’s been a 14.1 per cent increase in Aldi’s beauty value sales. To put it into context, that's more than any other discount retailer, and ahead of Boots and Superdrug, too.

The products that have risen to the top comprise of a myriad of 'dupes' – products that maintain to provide the same results of their more expensive counterparts. And top beauty bloggers agree. 

Aldi's Caviar range has long been hailed as the most effective of products in the unlikeliest of places, even last year it was praised for being nearly identical to La Prairie's Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, which retails for €378.

Trinny Woodall of Trinny London fame rates this stuff as "comfort in a jar" and seriously worthy of its dupe status. 

Picking up both the night and day creams will set you back €9.99 – a fraction of the price of the La Prairie mainstay. Aldi's product brings you the benefits of caviar extract (note: meaning this product is not vegan), as well as a generous dose of hyaluronic acid. 

And the reviews really do say it all. 

Die-hard fans of Elizabeth Arden’s original (and there are many) may not find the conversion easy, but there’s no doubt this is an impressive sap-like salve that soothes dry patches.

Expect a thick, orange texture that helps to calm irritation, soften dry cuticles and whip brows into shape with petroleum, salicylic acid, castor oil, corn oil and vitamin E.  

According to Aldi, their Miracle Cream – priced at €4.99 – is "designed to help your face feel fabulous, this cream works to soothe any dry skin whilst also containing anti-inflammatory benefits. The Miracle Cream will also work to comfort minor weather burns, scrapes and abrasions."

Reviews hail the product as "95% as good, at a tenth of the price". Sounds like good maths to us. 

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to mascara. However, for those keen on lengthening what you have with a tiny spider-like brush, Aldi’s Lacura Too Legit is a product to rival one of Benefit's most popular products to date. 

Benefit's They're Real mascara has received countless praise from the beauty industry and was even named as one of the 15 best mascaras by Vogue, so with that being said, we're not messing around when we hail the Lacura dupe as one to purchase.

The beauty in both products are the brushes; both wands flare out to catch even the shortest of lash stubs for best coverage. However, Lacura's one comes in at a steal at €5.99 in comparison to €27 for Benefit's product. 

We do feel we must caveat this, however, by revealing that Lacura's Too Legit is a special buy product from Aldi, meaning that it's only available at certain times of the year. 

So stock up when you can and admit defeat when you can't. 

Next up is Aldi’s answer to Kiehl’s Ultimate Face Cream. This cream offers 24 hours of moisture, whilst being very gentle on the skin, making it perfect to combat winter skin. Containing Tara seed and Sea Algae, the lightweight formula also protects from cold and dry temperatures.

And according to customer reviews, it's worth stocking up on. 

Perhaps your next grocery shop will be far more fruitful than the last... 

Main image by @jastookes

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