She's back, baby. 

Ex Glamour Beauty Director and bonafide beauty guru Alex Steinherr's taste in skincare is, as you can imagine, expensive.

Her weekly Sunday Facial posts go viral to the point of insanity and her recent stint with Primark (flogging products that took some two years to create) sold out in some stores within hours and caused an Instagram storm to boot. 

It's because of this that the beauty journalist and affordable retailer have overseen a global restock of the wildly popular range, adding new stores to the list of those that offer it and introducing two new products: the Pollution Solution Dual Texture Exfoliating Pads and Pollution Solution City Mask.

The new pieces – which feature on Steinherr's most recent Instagram post – including gentle yet effective exfoliating pads featuring both lactic acid and PHA, and a mask in the form of jelly essence and powder that you mix together with the spatula provided.

And, apparently, you can never have too much of a good thing – as Alex says there's more to come. Steinherr says she has developed seven new products set to arrive in the next drop, which have been informed by customer feedback from the first.

"Skincare can be so baffling and overwhelming," she told British Vogue. "The point is to try and take away the confusion and empower women and men to make the best choices for them.

"Really, it’s like me taking the consumer by the hand and walking them through it and saying ‘I’ve got you’,” she said. “The range is ever-evolving and I encourage feedback, so really it’s a collaboration between me, Primark and also the customers.”

A full restock and new products will drop from 25 February in previously selected stores and additional stores such as Glasgow, Sheffield, Newcastle, Frankfurt, Philadelphia, Dresden, Letterkenny, Newbridge, Almeria, Aberdeen and more. 

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