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6 Ways You're Silently Ageing Your Skin Without Realising, According To An Expert

Goodbye, fine lines.

Pollution, UV rays, lack of sleep. How many of these silent skin-ageing factors are sabotaging your youthful glow?

We all approach ageing differently, and there's no shame in slowing down the process with a little help from modern skin science. While your skincare shelf features a host of products with 'anti-ageing' loudly labelled across the bottles, there's an equally large amount of lifestyle factors and environmental aggressors silently ageing your skin, despite your products efforts. 

Not getting enough sleep, eating foods with too much sugar and not using eye cream are just a handful of obvious factors - all of which we can control but there are other things such as pollution, UV rays and not knowing the basics that can also age the skin without you ever knowing. 

With this in mind, we spoke to Jennifer Finnegan, owner and therapist at Renew Therapies, Dún Laoghaire to not only discover the secret ways we're ageing our skin but how to combat them too. 

1. Not Using An SPF, Daily

"The sun has a tremendous impact on the skin and frequent sun exposure will speed
up the effects of ageing. UVA rays have a multitude of negative effects, including
premature wrinkling, age spots and saggy skin. Always use a sunblock with SPF of
30 or higher – even on overcast days – and don’t forget to reapply if you’re outdoors
for any length of time. Not all sunscreens are the same – and many are laden with harmful chemicals. I’d always advise clients to look for natural sunscreens that contain moisturisers and antioxidants to protect the collagen in the skin."

2. Lack Of A Consistent Skin Care Routine

"Most women are aware of the benefits of a good skincare routine so will cleanse and moisturise on a daily basis. However, during our first consultation, many clients tell me that they use random skincare products that they bought during a store promotion. This just like using a random foundation without giving any thought to matching the shade to your skin tone. It’s important to talk to a facialist about your skin type and requirements to identify
what products work best for you."

3. Moisturising Your Face, But Not Your Body

"Because our skin becomes more dehydrated as we age, it is essential that we a moisturiser, serum and/or facial oil that suits our skin’s type. Suitable products will help to rehydrate the skin and minimise fine lines and wrinkles as well as helping to keep the skin supple and nourished. This, in turn, will help slow down the skin’s ageing process. Always apply your lotions and creams to your neck and décolletage too as this delicate area is one of the first to show the signs of ageing."

4. Not Cleansing Properly

"It is so important to remove make-up, perspiration, and other pollutants from the skin at the end of every day so that it is ready to receive the nutrients from the other products we apply and can begin to repair itself. Because our skin changes over time, so do our skincare requirements. It’s therefore important to talk to a skincare professional you trust to ensure that the products you are using are right for your skin right now. This really is an investment that you won’t regret and if you use the right products, you really should see and feel the difference."

5. Forgetting Exfoliation

"Exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells from the skin surface, which allows your skincare products to penetrate the skin more effectively, ensuring maximum benefit. Exfoliation also increases blood circulation and stimulates oxygenation, which in turn helps you to achieve healthy glowing skin and helps wrinkles appear less exaggerated. Again, ensure that you use a product that is suited to your skin type and avoid microbeads (which are harmful to the environment) and harsh exfoliants which may damage the skin."

6.  Treating Facials As A Self-Care Moment, Not A Necessity 

"Regular facials really are a fantastic anti-ageing treat. They ensure that your skin is properly balanced and hydrated to help keep those fine lines at bay. I’m a big fan of facials that include lots of stimulating facial massage to help lift and boost the skin’s collagen and elastin levels, boost circulation and promote a healthy glow as well as push the products deep into the skin to ensure their maximum benefits.

"Massage helps increase blood circulation and oxygen flow to the facial muscles and skin and encourages the development of collagen which helps to keep the skin firm, supple and elastic, helping to minimise the development of wrinkles."

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For even more anti-ageing skincare tips or to experience one of Jennifer's relaxing yet effective facials, visit Renew Therapies Dublin.

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