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Meet the New Glossier that Promises Not to Break You Out

"We create products made for wherever you’re at in life, be it amazing, messy, or somewhere in-between."

The first drop includes a foundation, bronzer and brush.

Finding the sweet spot between clean beauty and actually good products is something that all brands are trying to manoeuver right now – but none more so than Arrive

The new range – which is being hailed as Glossier 2.0 – boasts years of experience in the form of CEO and former beauty editor Zoe Brenneke who wrote for sites like Byrdie and The Zoe Report

Brenneke is an acne and rosacea sufferer herself, which encouraged her own intrigue into the beauty industry. It's because of this that her products are all hypoallergenic and fragrance-free but are powerful enough to hide discolouration. 

"Everything would break me out," the Los Angeles-based entrepreneur tells Fashionista. "It was this 'champagne problems' struggle where I loved the product and I wanted to be able to wear it and I never could."

It was this, and subsequent spendings on higher-end products ("Not only did none of it work, but it was so expensive") that urged Brenneke to create a line of her own.

In April, she launched Arrive with an angel round of funding and a hand-picked team including a product developer from Laura Mercier and packaging and design from Glossier. All products are dermatologist-tested, paraben-free, fragrance-free, vegan and cruelty-free.

The first drop includes a Skin Boost ($26) which claims to be lighter than a foundation but boast more coverage than a skin tint. It comes in five colours which supposedly cover a broad range of complexions and Brenneke maintains that they are superbly buildable. 

Next is their bronzer ($28) and brush ($20) combo which strike the right balance of warm and cool and is ultra-soft, respectively. 

All three products can be purchased in a bundle for $65 (€58).

According to the owner, the brand has some 20 products planned, beginning with a highlighter set to launch over the summer.

After that, new items will drop every eight-to-10 weeks. 

"They're going to perform as good or better than the best-performing products in that category across the board," she promises. "We all want products to be good for you, but if they don't work the way you want them too, eventually you're just going to go back."

Main image by @meetarrive

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