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How To Give Yourself A Spa-Worthy Facial At Home, According To An Expert

While we're still residing indoors (or should be) for the foreseeable, treating yourself to a much-deserved facial may seem like a far-off, unimaginable luxury — but it doesn't have to be. 

While the outside world continues to manifest feelings of uncertainty, it's more important than ever to take care of your own mind and body. 

And, we'd argue, that one of the best ways to start is by bringing a sense of spa-level luxury into your very own bathroom. 

Which is why we got in touch with wellness skincare expert and EU CEO of Osmosis Beauty Cait Earley to demonstrate how we do just that.

The brand has just dropped a pretty impressive at-home facial kit (we have tried, tested and adored) safe to use for all skin types and it's even during pregnancy. 

"Firstly, absolutely everyone should be aware of the chemicals that are going onto your skin and into your body," Cait tells Irish Tatler

"The skin needs to breathe and function as normal while being enhanced with good, non-toxic skincare!  Look for a brand, like Osmosis, that is cutting edge technology, vegan-friendly and non-toxic. 

"Remember all of those dead skin cells, makeup, dust mites and millions of other dirt particles get stuck in your pores and can cause irritation and a build of blackheads. Make sure you choose a cleanser that suits your skin type, the right serum and switch it up regularly (seasons) and finally, protect your skin from nasty UV rays – SPF should never be skipped. No matter what age. 

"Every facial box includes the Osmosis powerhouse Vitamin A ‘ liposomal retinaldehyde ‘," she says.

"This 2.5% Vitamin A syringe delivers an amazing form of Vitamin A which will increase collagen production for up to 30 days, assisting in oil regulation, hydration, pigmentation and gives the skin an overall glow. Liposomal delivery ensures that the product is penetrated past the lipid barrier and so it can get straight to work with nothing left on the skin to be aggravated by the sun!

"It also includes our superstar Osmosis Polish Mask, 6% lactic acid which removes any excess dead skin cells without damaging the skin or using any harsh chemicals. The facial box includes our brilliant growth factor serum called Stemfactor, this serum is known as our Botox in a bottle!

"The cocktail of specific growth factors help to directly target the signs of ageing, giving you a wow effect – a bride's best friend. 

"And to finish with our favourite Tropical Mango. This mask is a beautiful way to end a facial, it’s special mix of barrier repairing natural minerals helps to heal the skin's natural barrier protection. It's magic, even if you are just sitting at home watching the news!"

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Due to the current climate, there has been a slight delay with our latest order from the US but we now expect it to arrive at Osmosis EU HQ early May ✨ . As always, we will be working hard to get your orders out as soon as we can. Please contact us if you have anything else to add as demand is high and we do not want anyone to be disappointed 懶 . Thank you for your patience and continued support x . . . . . . Pic via #harveynichols #osmosisbeauty #drbenjohnson #osmosisskincare #beauty #results #loveyourskin #beautyreimagined #osmosisbeauty #osmosisskincare #holisticskincare #holisticwellness #beautyreimagined #osmosisbeauty #skincare #vitamina #greenbeauty #cleanbeauty #nontoxicskincarye #glowingskin #beauty #skincarejunkie #esthetician

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"This treatment has the same strength as a professional treatment giving you real results from the comfort of your home.

"The difference is the activity of an Osmosis professional facial in-clinic can be enhanced using a combination of our ‘powder actives’ where we use 13 different blends of ingredients to tease and encourage the skin to produce even more collagen and increase circulation while at the forefront not causing any trauma to the skin! Win-win."

And, while we we had Cait, we wanted to ask her a question for the uninitiated and afraid – what is her top tip for people who are keen to develop a skincare routine but haven't a clue?

"Take it from us, sometimes you need someone else's advice," she said. 

"We don't always take our own advice well so it's best to have your skin and well being analysed with a professional. This is invaluable as you will get so many free tips and tricks and in Ireland right now we are blessed to have so many resources!

"I personally don't like using smaller molecule acids like glycolic or salicylic as I don't believe they are good for the skin's barrier, but every therapist is different and if you feel like you don't like the sound of the product/ingredients being recommended or that you’ve been advised to use then listen to your inner voice.

"Your intuition knows what your skin and body want – tune into that."

Osmosis Beauty’s At-Home Professional Facial Kit is available on their EU website for €90 (on special offer from €120). 

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