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The Average Amount Irish Women Spend On Beauty Products Each Year Has Been Revealed

Be prepared to feel guilty.

In a time of general uncertainty, one can rely on the three givens in life; death, taxes and Irish women's love of beauty.

Once a nation who relied on the natural rather than the cosmetic, we have gripped the beauty boom in recent years with both manicured hands and solidified our place as one of the more beauty obsessed countries in the world. 

However, have you ever considered how much this obsession costs? And how time-consuming it may be?

Well, discount and coupon site Picodi has prepared a new report based on a survey conducted in June 2020 about Irish people’s cosmetics preferences.

And here’s what we've learned:

  • The average Irish woman owns 22 beauty products
  • For most of the surveyed women, price is the determining factor when choosing cosmetics
  • 4 per cent of Irish women do not wear makeup at all
  • 13 per cent of respondents spend less than 5 minutes on doing makeup

Among these 22 cosmetics the average Irish woman owns, only 12 are in regular use.

This could be explained by the fact that 50 per cent of the surveyed women buy cosmetics when they are discounted, in reserve. 19 per cent buy cosmetics when they run out and 31 per cent whenever they feel like it.

Statistically, Irish women own 8 lipsticks, 3 lip liners, 3 blushes, 4 mascaras, 7 eyeshadows, and 8 fingernail polishes.

As for how Irish women choose their cosmetics – 56 per cent chose price as a major factor, 54 per cent go by ingredients and 40 per cent go by brand. Less important are friends’ opinions (18 per cent) and influencers’ recommendations (16 per cent).

Considering the fact that most of the respondents consider price as the most important consideration, it is not surprising that only 14 per cent of women prefer premium cosmetics. 68 per cent allow themselves to buy such cosmetics occasionally, and 18 per cent don’t buy them at all.

Price is also the decisive factor for choosing between regular and eco cosmetics, which became quite popular in recent years. 

The majority of the surveyed women (66 per cent) declared that they pick green cosmetics only when the price is reasonable. 23 per cent always buy eco cosmetics, and 11 per cent don’t have any interest in the ecological aspect of beauty products.

In Ireland, the most popular beauty products are mascara, foundation, powder, concealer, and lipstick, and women spend around €393 a year on cosmetics. 

For more information on Irish women's cosmetic choices, check out the survey in full here

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