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Sound The Alarm: Australia's Best-Selling Tan Just Landed In Ireland

Now this IS good news.

They sell one product every 45 seconds...

Tan doesn't get as much glory as mascaras, and they're not as flashy as rich lipsticks or bright as eyeshadow palettes. But ask any makeup artist who preps celebrities for red carpet events - or any beauty influencer - and they'll tell you that the bronzed creams, liquids, oils, gels and mouses are an integral step to most applications.

However, just like mascara, finding the right tan can turn into something of a Goldilocks problem - some are too glittery, some are too slippery in texture, and some don't pack enough of a punch. 'Just right' should be believably bronzed, imperceptibly light in texture, preferably not smell and last all day without streaking.

And as bronzed, glowy skin rises in popularity so does the proliferation of tans. There are so many tans on the market now that on Beauty Bay alone, a search for the word 'tan' brings up 239 products. 

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Still, only one can be crowned the best, and thanks to their impressive Instagram presence plus the fact they sell one product every 45 seconds, Bali Body can officially call itself the bestselling tanning brand in Australia. 

What makes it SO sought after? Asides from its extensive product range which includes everything from a Self-Tanning mouse to a BB Cream, each product is packed full of nourishing ingredients. Enriched with coconut oil and cocoa butter, the Bali Body Gradual Tan gives a subtle, sun-kissed glow while hydrating the skin in the process. The Ultra-Dark Self-Tanning Mousse offers a much deeper tan, and the 50ml Mini Self Tan Mousse makes a great travelling companion. Oh, and everything is best applied with the Luxe Tanning Mitt - it’s a sure-fire way to a streak-free tan in seconds. Trust us on this one.

So far, so good - right?  Wrong. Anyone in Ireland who has ever tried to get their hands on a Bali Body product or two will have undoubtedly been stung on international delivery charges or the dreaded 'we do not ship to your address' notification. Well, that’s about to change. Bali Body has finally arrived on this side of the Atlantic and is now available to buy on Beauty Bay (a.k.a the ultimate destination for the beauty-obsessed).

So to celebrate the fact Bali Body is now available to shop in Ireland without the international delivery charge, here are our current favourite Bali Body products for you to add to your cart now. 


Luxe Tanning Mit, €16.75, Bali Body available on Beauty Bay

Gradual Tan, €26.25, Bali Body available on Beauty Bay

Self Tanning Mouse, €32.25, Bali Body available on Beauty Bay

Face Tanning Water, €32.25, Bali Body available on Beauty Bay

BB Cream, €31.25, Bali Body available on Beauty Bay

WATERMELON TANNING OIL SPF15, €22.75, Bali Body available on Beauty Bay

Main image by @balibody on Instagram

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