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Move Over Banana Bread, There's A New Banana-Inspired Trend Taking Over Our Instagram Feed

This hair is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S...

Not a cake. 

The banana bun, a hairstyle so refreshingly new that if you google it, you'll find yourself down a rabbit hole of banana cakes and pastry which will lead to hunger and not the 'need-to-look-chic-in-30-seconds-or-less hack you were on the hunt for. 

However, once you delve slightly deeper into the internet (aka Pinterest and Reddit), you will soon discover that the beauty world has just coined the phrase 'banana bun' as this new Parisian inspired hair twist.

A close relation to the twist and the loose chignon, the banana bun is essentially a low rise messy bun, on a slant. The popularity surrounding this new lazy-girl approved hair style stems from the allure that any stage, the bun could come undone. 

Unfortunately, just like every other 'just woke up like this' look, it sounds easy but in reality, it's quite the art to master.

As for the name, the 'banana' part of the bun refers to the angled and slightly curved shape of the knot, as opposed to a traditional round 'bun'. Or, it could be that the banana refers to the fact that you twist the hair into itself like a chignon or French twist, before you secure it in a low messy bun at the nape of the neck in a vague banana shape. Either way, whoever it was that first coined must have quite the artistic license. 

The technique is fairly straight forward. First, you'll need the essentials: bobbins, hairpins, hairclips and slightly dirty hair. Next, divide the hair into three even sections. Tie back the middle piece into a low, loose ponytail. Then, take the section of hair on your right and wrap it over the top of the recently tied ponytail and twist the two together. With the remaining section, tuck it under the wrapped pony. Next, take a couple of hairpins and secure everything into place. Finally, pull a few pieces of hair out to frame your face and let gravity do its thing. 

If that sounds like too much effort for you, alternatively you can just throw your hair into a twisted pony and pin random section so that it resembles a banana. The key is to not get too focused on the shape. Think more along the lines of laidback and casual than freshly ripe.

Main image by @carnivala on Instagram

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