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Irish Tatler Beauty Awards 2019: Mascara, Brows and Colour

With your canvas perfected, it’s time to bring the fun...

Makeup bag essentials for eyes to mesmerize.

So, with stand-out skincare and S.O.S face-savers covered, as well as all the products you might need for an immaculate complexion, what's left to hero? 

Well, plenty, as it turns out! 

This post is dedicated to the best of brows, luscious lash-givers and all the colour your face could ever require - e.g. shadows, glazes, sticks, stains and glosses. 

Let's have some fun, shall we? 


Lift, volume, separation; we’ve all got our own agenda when it comes to lash technique. This crew will do you right, no matter what style of flutter of you desire.


From front to back

Extreme Volume Mascara 3D Printed Brush, €34, Chanel - SHOP

False Lash Queen Mascara, €3, PS Beauty - SHOP in Penneys stores nationwide

Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara, €26, IT Cosmetics - SHOP

Luxurious Mascara for Instant False Lash Effect, €32.50, YSL - SHOP

Snapscara, €11.99, Maybelline - SHOP

Paradise Mascara, €16.50, L’Oréal Paris - SHOP

Lash Sensational Multiplying Mascara, €11.99, Maybelline - SHOP

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If our eyes are the windows to our souls, that makes our brows, what? The structure upon which we hang our window dressing? Vital, absolutely, and devastating if done poorly. Get it right with these tried and tested reliables, and before long @Nikki_Makeup will be calling you to demo her next Sunday tutorial.


Clockwise from front

Easy Brow Pencil, €16.50, AYU - SHOP 

Unbelieva’Brow, €19.99, L’Oréal Paris - SHOP 

KUSH Fiber Brow Gel, €14, Milk Makeup - SHOP 

Soap Brows, €13.50, West Barn Co. - SHOP 

Brow Power, €25, It Cosmetics - SHOP 

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With your canvas perfected, it’s time to bring the fun. A shot of red on your lips to empower, a glistening gloss that will catch the light (but not your hair) or a swipe of shadow in a colour that shouldn’t suit your eye colour but does – go for it. Don’t colour inside the lines, it’s cooler not to.


Clockwise from front

Rouge Essential in Rouge Profond, €34, Laura Mercier - SHOP 

Hot Lips in Carina’s Star, €32, Charlotte Tilbury - SHOP 

Rouge Signature Matte Liquid Lipstick in I Rule, €13.99, L’Oréal Paris - SHOP 

Liquid Matte in Cheerleader, €21, Huda Beauty - SHOP 

Glitter Gelée in Firewalk, €14, Glossier Play - SHOP 

The Icon Palette, €65, Charlotte Tilbury - SHOP 

Rouge Pur Couture The Slim in shades 2, 14, 9, 10, €35.50 each, YSL - SHOP 

Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Young Venus and Stylishly Merry, €22.50 each, MAC - SHOP 

Eye Pigment in After Party, €23, Milk Makeup - SHOP 

Eye Tint Liquid Eye Shadow in 41 Fusion, €32, Giorgio Armani - SHOP 

Aura Dew in Cosmic 03, €33, Shiseido - SHOP 

A hearty congrats to all of the winners in this category!

Next up, we'll be shining the spotlight on your next beauty BFFs across hair, body and tools!