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In Case You Were Wondering, This Is Why Bella Hadid's Skin Always Looks So Good

Good news: you can buy it in Ireland

When you think clear, dewy skin – you think of Bella Hadid

Vitamin C, while an appreciated ingredient in orange juice, is actually at its best when found in the skincare game. Linked with promoting collagen production, brightening and evening out skin tone, reducing signs of ageing and hyperpigmentation - vitamin C leaves the skin looking healthier, tighter, and like you actually got those eight hours of sleep you're supposed to.

Be it a cream, gel or even a mist, skincare products packed with the ingredient are popping up at just about every beauty counter and as a result, are flying off the shelves.

One vitamin C-packed product, in particular, has reached cult-buy status after Bella Hadid revealed she was a fan. 

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Celebrity facialist Mimi Luzon is a favourite among top models including Hadid, Kaia Gerber and Irina Shayk - to name but a few. Not only does she have more than 30 years of skincare experience, but she also has a skincare line which can be accessed by us mere mortals. Most known for her signature 24K gold treatments, Luzon has now introduced a high strength vitamin C serum to her eponymous skincare collection. Despite being fresh on the market, it's the one product Bella Hadid hails as the answer to her glowy, radiant skin.

Dubbed Cyber C Serum, it is rich in antioxidants, helping fight the signs of ageing, including wrinkles and sunspots. As the name suggests, it is formulated with a very high concentration of Vitamin C (12%) to ensure almost instantaneous effects. Developed for daily use, the serum protects your skin cells from environment-related damage; aids skin elasticity and helps to improve UV protection. But the benefits don't stop there, it also promises to lighten and soften your facial skin, giving you that Bell Hadid glow. What's more, it's also suitable for all skin types.

Luckily for us, the Cyber C Serum is available on Net-a-Porter for us normals to try. Unluckily for us however is not only is it currently sold-out, but it will also set you back a casual €180.88. 

Cyber C Serum, €180.88, Mimi Luzon available on Net-A-Porter

But hey, if that's the price it takes to have skin like Bella, it's definitely worth it...

Main image by @bellahadid on Instagram

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