Holiday brows made easy

Holiday brows made easy Instagram : @sophieberesiner

Benefit's new 4 in 1 Brow Contour Pro pencil is hailed to replace all your brow products and while we're all for streamlining our makeup bags with this repurposed clicky pen, similar to the ones we all owned in the 90s, should we always have been contouring our brows? 

Of late Benefit has cemented itself as the brand to turn to for any of your brow-needs. From their go-to Gimme Brow fluffer to their believable drawing tool Precisely My Brow, their products are in total rotation on our faces. 

And now, the brand is about to shake things up in the brow world once more with the launch of Brow Contour Pro — a four-in-one brow product that looks remarkably like those multicoloured Biros we used in school.

Revolutionary, in that it's child's play to use, the new pen has four settings that click into place by pushing the according button at the pen's base. Coming in five colour options that contain two brow shades, an edge definer and an arch highlighter, each pen has two brow shades (one light and one dark) to help create realistic-looking brows. The brow definer acts as a concealer you can use for easy cleanup while the highlighter is for drawing attention to the arches.

Thankfully, divisively skinny brows aren't back. Yet anyway. If they do return, you've got Rihanna to blame.

According to real life reviews, having two different shades of brown really does help make brows look bushier and the four crayons inside the pen are super soft, so they don't scratch. The pigment itself sets over time too, so you won't find your brows smudged across your forehead half way through the day. 

Our only complaint, there's no spoolie attached to comb the brows through, post-defining. Perhaps we can make a case to the Swiss Army Knife company to add one to their nifty design? 

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