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The Affordable Beauty Products Team Irish Tatler Want You To Know About

You don't have to spend more than €20 for primo beauty products. Find out what women with access to the best (and most expensive) carry proudly in their cases.

Those who are fans of a full face beat will tell you; you don't need to spend €€€ to fill your make-up bag. 

Bargain beauty brands are having a moment, with brands like Essence and Catrice rivalling that of department store beauty hall brands. Not to mention that we now boast more dupes than you can shake a stick at. 

Team Irish Tatler has come together to share the bargain beauty products they can't live without. And, considering that we get to try most anything, you're almost certain to pick up some tips. 

Brenda McCormick, Managing Editor 

"I'm always on the search for a great concealer and Eraser Eye Concealer (€11.99) by Maybelline is a bit of a gem. It has a deceptively lightweight texture, which really brightens up dark circles – and works well on blotchy areas too. I'd even say it's as shadow-zapping as products three times the price."


"There are lots of dry shampoos out there, some cheaper than this, but Klorane's Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk (€10.99) is one of the best I've tried. It's incredibly fine but manages to mop up excess oil and give hair a fresher look without the clumpy feeling you get with other brands. Plus, French brands tend to get it right with it comes to beauty and this baby has been around since 1971!"

Amy Heffernan, Editor of

"Mine would have to be the Brow Colorist Semi-Permanent Brow Mascara, from Catrice. Priced at all of €4.40, it's boasts an ultra-accurate brush and a fibre-enriched, lightweight gel formula that doesn't allow for any mid-brow clumps. Plus, with regular use, it gradually tints your brows with each coat - hence the semi-permanent part. Clever, no?"

Emma Blanchfield, Staff Writer

"Catrice's Liquid Camouflage Concealer (€3.95) is the proud owner of endless positive reviews from consumers, YouTubers, makeup artists, beauty bloggers and editors alike. Considering its affordable price tag, it's super high coverage, extremely lightweight, lasts all day and does a pretty good job at covering spots and dark circles, plus there's a lot in the tube for just €4. Dark circles? Don't know her."


"I used to be of the belief that bespoke beauty costs an arm and a leg, but then (as I made an emergency tampon dash to Boots) I stumbled upon Makeup Obsession. With empty palettes starting at €4, and shadows, blushes, highlighters and contouring powders kicking off at a mere €2 and peaking at €6, these customisable palettes mean I can have a world of creativity in one place. Shade options are expansive, especially for blushers, and textures range from matte to metallic."

Emma Greenbury, Head of Audience

"I'm #blessed with good eyebrows but sometimes they're, as we Australians say, a bit how ya goin'. I fill them in with NYX Micro Brow (€11) which gives hair-like lines and comes in loads of different shades. It's also mechanical so no sharpening necessary, plus it stays on all day. This product is doing God's work. Amen."

Donna McCarthy, Editorial Assistant

"Assessing the hype, I recently purchased the cult classic Kevin Aucoin Eyelash Curler (€18.59) and my world (and face) has been overturned. This little, award-winning beauty appliance lifts and curls my lashes without claiming any victims. I appear fresh-faced, awake and ready to join the cult-singing praises of the 'natural look's' no fuss best friend."

Kate Demolder, Staff Writer 

"Skincare aficionados will all have this on their person at all times, but I can't say enough about the glory of Weleda Skin Food (€9.05).

"Popularised by make-up artist of the moment Katie Jane Hughes, the product has been around for almost a century and can be used in a myriad of ways. I layer it on as a nightly face mask when needed, apply it to my lips daily, use it to pop the corners of my eyes and also as a highlighter when going barefaced. It's also sold in health shops which makes me feel like I'm making good choices."

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