Irish Tatler's Favourite Bronzers For A Winter Golden Goddess Look

Faking that 'just home from hols' glow, when you are most definitely not 'just home from hols'.

Sunkissed skin when there's actually no sun. 

By now, SPF should be a non-negotiable step in your skincare routine and tanning your face isn't really advisable, but the inconvenient truth is that a little bit of sun looks good on everyone - especially in winter.

Take it from someone who's just come home from a winter holiday in the sun (humble brag) - eyes look brighter, teeth whiter and although we should know better, a hint of bronze exudes a perennial healthy, summer look that never seems to date. 

Good news though, nowadays there's not much that makeup can't fake (and fake credibly too, we might add!) and bronzers were literally invented to mimic the effects of hours spent under the hot heat of the sun, but without any of the damaging downsides. 

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The key is choosing the right shade for skin tone and knowing where to apply the glow-inducing, beauty-boosting bronzers....


Best Bronzer For Fair Skins: 

Best Bronzer For Light/Medium Skins:

Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, €30, Too Faced - SHOP 

Best Bronzer For Medium Skins: 

Bronzing Powder in 30, €15.95, NOTE - SHOP 

Best Bronzer For Darker Skins: 

Instant Warmth Bronzer, €31, Fenty Beauty - SHOP 



Liquids, creams and loose powders are all good bronzing options, but for ease, pressed powder tends to be the most popular with masses (less messy too!). 

Regardless of the texture you choose,  the places you want to apply bronzer are where the sun would usually hit. Across the high planes of the cheeks, at the bridge of the nose, across the chin, and a little bit in the crease of the eye, under the eye, and on the forehead. 

Matte, warm(ish) bronzers always look most authentic on Irish skin tones and resist the urge to blend as much as you might be used to, for that credible 'just home from hols' hue. Allow the bronzer to shine bright and bold on the above facial high points. 

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