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The Under-Eye Concealers Worth Your Time

Conceal, don't feel.

According to me and my dark circles.

Finding a concealer that doesn't cake is a quest most women don't finish until they're in their mid-20s.

Long gone are the days of Rimmel's pan stick-like 'Hide The Blemish' and sneaking licks of our mums' Elizabeth Arden – as some 10 years later we're actually alright at picking out colours to go on our face. Go figure. 

As someone with chronically dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin (not just saying this to sound relatable – I've been medicated), finding a concealer to fit my broken skin has been a chore I've undergone forever.

And as someone who truly hates looking flaky, I'd given up and foregone make up the past while. Until I came across some holy grails that I can rely on to melt into the face rather than sit atop it. 

I've also got on good authority that the below work on all canvases too, so would definitely give each of them a test-run. 

Glossier's Stretch Concealer

Do believe the hype. Buildable and light, Stretch Concealer is one of the very few products I can apply in the back of a car without a mirror and trust that it will go on perfectly. The product comes in a selection of tones (I wear G9) and glides on with a dewy finish. It's not going to cover a spot of yours any time soon (note: dewiness) but it is now the only thing I will apply to my under eyes each morning. Instant awake.  Shop it here.

Trinny London BFF Serum concealer

Blended with hyaluronic acid – this holy grail product is perfect for anyone who doesn't like overloading their parched skin with products/make-up. The consistency is far more vicious than I'd imagined when purchasing – it's more liquid than solid – which must go hand-in-hand with its second-to-none gliding skills on the skin. The website also boasts an online system which can gauge your perfect tone prior to purchasing. Winner winner. Shop it here. 

Catrice Camouflage Cream

Shoutout to the biggest and cheapest lifesaver a gal will ever have. A dupe for MAC Studio Finish at a fraction of the price – this little pot will cover any blemish ever. Pop it on stubborn hormonal breakouts or around your nose for an instant fixer-upper. While the shade range is quite limited, this will also cover veins, pigmentation spots and anything you'd like to cover – without looking cakey. Pop this in your handbag for days when spots are brewing, and thank us later. Shop it here. 

Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Away Concealer

Charlotte Tilbury is the brand everyone wants to have in their kit at the moment – and for good reason. The Ibiza-born redhead is a master of her trade and opted to create her own products when the formulas she wanted to use weren't readily available. As a result, she created an empire. Cult-favourite Magic Away is adored by all who use it. CT herself describes it as 'Spanx for your eyes', and anyone who's a bad sleeper can wholeheartedly agree. With full coverage and easy blending, your skin will look brighter, lighter and completely resurfaced. Shop it here.

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