#itTans, Our Ultimate Self-Tan Edit

An edit of the finest faux-glows on the market. 

Baring some skin just got a whole lot less daunting, see our edit of the finest faux-glows on the market. 

The lack of sunlight is, of course partly to blame, but us Celts have been dealt a tough hand when it came to our skin tones; perennially pale, fair and freckly. The land of Saints and Scholars this may well be, but the land of naturally-bronzed babes it certainly is not.... 

But out of all adversity comes great opportunity and it’s no wonder then, that we’ve become some of the world’s most masterly self-tanners…. Practice does make perfect after all!

Few great confidence boosts are birthed from standing alone in front of a mirror butt naked, but lending an Ibiza-level looking tan to our pale complexions is a hobby we Irish ladies love.

Creams, oils, gels, mousse, wipes – you name it, we’ve tried it and sure enough, have our favourites too. Some formulas for particular occasions, some depending on colour-depth required, others for effort-level executed…. because, just like us, not all self-tans were created equally.

So if you’re a rare, Irish tanning neophyte or you’re just looking to add to your bronzing armoury, here’s an edit of our best fake tans.

For Face:

This hydrating serum works double-time - it deepens and extends a natural, sun-kissed glow via the brand's 'Melanin Activator Complex and is blended with nourishing Aloe Vera and Raspberry Extract to prevent peeling and keep your skin radiant.

Tan Booster Illuminating Sun Activating & Intensifying Drops, €47, Tan Luxe 

For a Quick Fix that Lasts:

This multitasking gem gives the most flawless skin finish instantly, while a longer lasting self-tan develops underneath.

Body Blur Sunless Glow in Latte, €36.95, Vita Liberata

For Dry Skins:

Formulated with organic virgin coconut oil and a touch of self-tan, this rich balm melts into the skin and develop a subtle golden tan with no help from the sun. 

Coconut Melting Tanning Balm Face & Body, €38, James Read

For a Believable Hue:

This delicious self-tanner smells like Cocoa and has a tinted caramel colour for easy application. Enriched with Aloe Vera, the creamy texture glides onto your skin and in just a few hours, expect a natural-looking golden glow. 

Delicious Self-Tanning Cream, €32, Clarins

For a Gradual Fade:

A daily dose of tan! Use this gradual tanning milk as an everyday moisturiser to keep skin hydrated and golden bronze. Smells good, no weird streaks and zero sheet-transfer. 

Gradual Tanning Milk, €17.50, Bondi Sands

For Next Level Bronze:

This mousse contains high concentrations of active ingredients to giving you a darker tan FAST – after just one layer. Wash off the rich guide colour to reveal an ultra-dark olive tan, that isn’t at all tangoed.

2HR Express Dark Mousse, €54, Loving Tan 

Happy Tanning! 

Main image: @wethepeoplestyle

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