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The Best Fake Tans That Will Give You A Holiday Glow From The Comfort Of Your Couch

It's easier than ever to get a convincing glow.

There’s a fake tan formula for everyone: it’s just a case of finding it. So to help you find yours, we've teamed up with Tan Organic to give one lucky Irish Tatler reader the chance to win A YEAR'S SUPPLY OF FAKE TAN...yes, you read that correctly. 

Once upon a time, self-tan was a sticky dark cream that we slathered on as teens before a big night out. It smelt bad, stained everything that came into contact with your skin and no matter your technique, always, always came out streaky. 

But thankfully, time has passed and self-tan has become wiser and thankfully today’s innovations look (and smell) infinitely better. No potentially-irritating chemical additives, zero streaking or staining the bedsheets, and most important of all, a final colour that looks natural—not like an Oompa Loompa. 

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However, with such innovation comes market saturation and with market saturation, comes consumer confusion. From serums to shower-in mouses, it can be hard to find the right formula for you. 

Of course, failure to prepare means preparing to fail. The best fake tan isn’t going to happen if you’ve neglected to cleanse and exfoliate properly beforehand, so make sure to slough away dead skin with a good scrub and remove any lingering traces of perfume or deodorant, which can discolour your tan. Applying a skimpy layer of moisturiser to your knees, elbows and ankles is also advisable to stop pigment collecting too heavily in those areas.

Once those provisions are covered, the only difficulty is choosing which formula best suits you. And that's where we come in. From gels to cream, gradual tans to express colour, here's how to pick the best fake tan for you. 

the best for...

A natural-looking glow

Gradual self-tanners work just as the name implies: gradually. You'll notice subtle sun-kissed colour over the course of a few days of using these buildable lotions. If you have fair skin or are nervous about looking orange, try self-tan lotion that is buildable like the Tan Organic Self Tan Lotion. While one coat of this lotion leaves you with a natural, even glow - we've found a second coat really helps bring an extra bit of warmth into skin. 

Self Tan Lotion, €24.99, Tan Organic

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Tanning your face

Yes, you should be tanning your face but not with the same formula you use on your body. Specially formulated for the delicate skin on the face, TanOrganic’s Moisturising Facial Tan Oil is a luxurious self-tan that absorbs quickly, without leaving a greasy layer, to reveal a radiant and natural golden tan. This lightweight oil is super simple to apply and will glide over the face, absorbing quickly and developing evenly without gathering at the drier areas of the face and neck. 

Moisturising Facial Tan Oil, €24.99, Tan Organic

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Easy application

A self-tanner mousse is quite possibly the easiest way to achieve a streak-free tan. Our top tip when it comes to using a mousse is to always opt for a shade lighter as mousses tend to be thicker and darker than a lotion which provides more coverage and typically fewer streaks. This lightweight & ultra-moisturising mousse from Tan Organic is simple to apply and glides over the skin like silk. Oh and the best thing? There is zero smell. 

Self Tan Mousse, €29.99, Tan Organic

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A luminous finish 

Don’t let the word ‘oil’ throw you off—this self-tanner absorbs into the skin quickly, thanks to lightweight yet nourishing ingredients like aloe and orange peel oil. Perfect for those with dry skin or prone to a patchy application, the TanOrganic Self-Tan Oil provides a completely natural and organic way to tan safely. Not only is it good for you; it is a trusted and well-reviewed product providing you a quick, hydrating and mess-free tanning routine. 

Self Tan Oil, €24.99, Tan Organic

the best for...

Those whose tan is never dark enough

When you've gone 14 long weeks without a spray tan, sometimes bottled tan just doesn't cut it. First, you have to rely on yourself to apply it flawlessly and no matter how many layers you apply - it will never be dark enough. Cue Tan Organic's Extra Dark Mousse. Launched only two days ago, this mousse will make you wonder why you ever bothered with spray tans in the first place. Simply glide onto the skin (using a mitt) and watch it develop into the darkest shade yet which leaves your natural skin tone up to three to four times darker with just one application. For best results, leave mousse to develop on skin for 4-6 hours before washing off. 

Self Tan Dark Mousse, €34.99, Tan Organic

the best for...

Those who are prone to mistakes

Okay so technically not a formula but a vital product in every self-tanning kit: an exfoliating glove. The Tan-Erase Glove from Tan Organic can be used wet or dry. Use before applying your formula of choice for flawless results or once your tan starts to fade, use it to buff off any excess tan for a fresh base. 

Tan Erase Glove, €14.99, Tan Organic

Now you know all it takes to find the perfect self-tan product for you, wouldn't it be nice to have some to play with? That's what we thought. So we've teamed up with Tan Organic to give one lucky Irish Tatler reader the chance to win a year's supply (!!!) of Tan Organic products. 

To be in the chance of win a year's supply of Tan Organic products, simply answer the question below: 

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This competition is open to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland residents aged 18 or over unless any other age restriction is specified or implied. T&Cs apply. Closing date 15/07/2020.

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