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Glossy Lips Out, Balmy Lips In.

the balm is back...
gloss, gloss, glossy.

Prepare for the joyous feeling of not having your hair stick to your lips 24/7

If 2018 was to be defined by one beauty trend, that word would be shine - and high shine at that. From glistening cheekbones to lustrous lips, we wore it all but now it's time for the new beauty dawn to fall: the balm.

A tin of lip balm was once the staple in every school girl's pocket. We saw the lip saviour rise, we were partially to blame for its fall and we're now championing the resurgence of lip balm. With a heartier and more substantial texture than a typical gloss, the appeal of a balm is one that tends to get left behind. Tint, prime, scent and protect, lip balms come in all shapes and sizes.

So whether you've reached the final twist of your favourite balm or looking to show lip gloss the door, it's time to treat your lips to the best lip balms on the market right now. 

The Classic

Eight Hour Skin Protectant Cream Fragrance, €34, Elizabeth Arden

A multi-purpose balm that can be used anywhere but is particularly fantastic on the lips. Slightly on the greasy side but if your lips are calling out for an SOS, this is the answer. 

The Boujee

Lip balm, €60, La Mer

Possibly the most luxurious lip balm on the market but also the most effective. A thin layer of Crème de la Mer’s Lip Balm will keep lips hydrated and smooth for hours.

The Budget Friendly

100% Natural Lip Balm, €4.99, Burt's Bees

From desk drawers to coat pockets to the glove box in our car, we have at least twenty of these lip balms scattered in every useful place imaginable. The wind-up tube means it's easy to bring and apply anywhere. The texture is thin but no less hydrating than others. 

The Millennial

Balm Dotcom, €12, Glossier

For ultimate cool-girl status, pick up a tube of Glossier's balm dotcom. While it's sole purpose is to hydrate your lips (and that it does), we believe if it were possible to bathe in this stuff, there would be no problems left in the world. If you want to add a bit of colour to your lips, opt for the rose or cherry. 

The Feeling Fruity

Scented Lip Balm #1, €10, Kiehls 

If fruity balms were your obsession in school, you'll adore this grown-up version. Smelling strongly of tropical pears, the salve sinks into lips and keeps them feeling smooth all day long. 

Top tip: Winter crusty lips still an issue? Give your pout a scrub before patting on balm.

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