5 Ways To Embrace the Brows You’ve Got

Faking it doesn't always mean making it

This is an Instagram-brow free zone. 

The best thing to come out of the bushy brow movement was the fact that it embraced what was once shunned as an unfortunate genetic disposition, but on the flip side, it pressured the less-hairy and the over-plucked to have to fill in their brown and the sharpie eyebrow ensued.

In truth, much like how they say your natural hair colour is the most flattering on you, the best brow is the one you've got, so here’s how to make the most of them. 

The No-Makeup Makeup Brow

More of an ambition than a reality for most. If you’re of a certain vintage, chances are you’ll need a little more help than a tinted brow mascara, but if you were lucky enough to be born time when plucking into oblivion wasn’t considered chic, some gentle grooming might be all you need. Try Glossier’s creamy wax formula for soft, face-framing brows.

Boy Brow, €15, Glossier

The Comma Brow

Also known as the tadpole brow and is typically the result of the aforementioned over-enthused plucking of a time. Reasonably full towards the nose, this brow thins and tails in an unnatural fashion, but is still enhance-able. With an angled brush and brow powder, lightly ombré from the base of the fuller section to the end of the tail, arching slightly in the centre.

Sketch & Intensify Pomade and Powder Brow Duo, €24; Double Ended Brow Brush, €26, Laura Mercier

The Short Coming Brow

Brows that end before the outer corner of the eye can make facial features look out of proportion, be it a natural short-coming or otherwise. The side of the nose, corner of the eye and end of the brow should technically all align at an angle, so if golden ratios are your thing, extend with a brow pomade that won’t budge.

'Super Brow' 24-Hour Long-Wear Pomade, €21; Brow Brush, €20, Kat Von D

The Unintentional Bleached Brow

Intentionally bleaching your eyebrows is a whole separate issue, but paler-than-pale skin and baby blonde fairness can often naturally cause brows to look non-existent, despite there actually being hair present. It’s possible to introduce some light colour and shape though, via a fine tipped pencil that creates hair-like strokes. Colour-wise, go more ashy than warm-toned.

Slim'Matic Ultra Precise Brow Pencil, €3.50, Catrice

The Patchy Brow

Considered a more permanent solution like micro-blading for the hole/gap/scar in your eyebrow, but the ‘blade’ aspect freaks you out too much? Add density to your deforestation situation with a tinted formula like Hourglass’, that’ll impart volume by coating hairs with infused micro-fibres, keep everything in place and won’t flake.

Arch Brow Volumizing Fibre Gel, €27, Hourglass

Main image: Instagram @intothegloss

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