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The Exact Nail Polishes Used For The Duchess Of Sussex’s Wedding Manicure

While the Queen is known for her penchant for Essie's Ballet Slippers, the Duchess of Sussex's manicurist opted for a different hue for her 2018 wedding with Prince Harry.

There are very few things scrutinised more than a royal wedding.

From the gown's detailing to the tiara to the guestlist, the minutiae of the grand event are studied ad nauseam for years thereafter. 

Pair that with The Markle Effect, royal enthusiasts became privy to every detail of the Californian actresses big day. We know her dress was Givenchy, the venue was St George's Chapel and transport would be provided by a public carriage ride. 

However, one minor beauty detail – her nail manicure – remained under wraps. Until now. 

According to a recent report published in British Vogue, Markle relied on DryBy London – a favourite with brides and bridesmaids, thanks to their clean and simple finish, precision application and popular bridal nail art designs – for her bridal manicure and pedicure.

On her big day, she actually wore a bespoke combination of two CND gel polishes on her fingernails: one layer of Unmasked, a pinky nude, with two coats of the sheer white shade Negligee over the top. 

A fairytale combination. 

For her pedicure, her artist painted on two coats of CND Shellac in the shade Cashmere Wrap, a warm taupe nude.

It’s little wonder the Duchess opted for Shellac, a gel polish brand that creates manicures that last for up to two weeks; the perfect choice if you need to rely on your polish remaining chip-free in front of an audience of almost two billion. 

Not in keeping with royal tradition, Meghan opted for a modern bridal manicure and pedicure, with polishes that were custom-mixed to create a milky, pinky nude.

The solid, opaque finish differed from the usual sheer polishes worn by the Queen (Her Majesty is believed to be a fan of Essie’s Ballet Slippers), or other royal brides.

Now the secret is out – go forth and emulate your own perfect nude, à la Markle, whether you're marrying a prince or not. 

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