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Move Over Pink Hair, This Is The Latest Hair Trend Celebrities Are Attempting During Quarantine

Hair getting shaggy in quarantine?

Don’t let coronavirus ruin your buzz(cut)...

If you've been following the evolution of trends during the COVID-19 pandemic, you know that we've transcended from the initial stages of panic-buying hand sanitizer and toilet paper to cutting self-isolation fringes and baking banana bread. While those who panic buy continue to do so and those who bake banana bread have moved onto other recipes like chocolate chip cookies – those of us who have become stress hairdressers have a new trend to try: shaving our heads. 

So much so that Google searches for 'How to shave my head' are up 277% since lockdown began. And it's easy to see why. Hailed as the ultimate liberating style, a buzz cut *ahem* shaves time off the faff of lengthy shampoo-condition-blowdry-style sessions, not to mention completely eliminating the issue of hairstyles and hair colour growing out while salons remain closed.

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The buzz cut is nothing new. It's the badass style that's been embraced by everyone from Zoë Kravitz to Justin Timberlake circa 2006. Although it would appear significantly difficult to reinvent a trend that is simply having extremely short hair, here we are. Somewhere between the announcement that salons would be staying shut till at least July and the sell-out status of hair dye, celebrities and civilians alike have taken to clippers.

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It all started with The Smith family. Willow Smith was caught on camera by her mother as her boyfriend, Tyler Cole, clipped off her hair. Then, keeping the family tradition alive, Bruce Will Willis cemented the buzz cut as the first official quarantine beauty trend when he expertly ran a set of clippers over his daughter, Tallulah’s head, turning her into a latter-day G.I. Jane. Next up was David Beckham who transported us all back in time to 2004. While in quarantine, Beckham returned to the buzzcut of his past, posting the new crown to Instagram to much applause. Anchored by the words #stayhome, #staysafe and #staystrong (hashtags duly ignored by park-goers who deem sunbathing to be an essential trip).

And it's not just celebrities with expertly carved cheekbones and perfectly shaped heads who are it. Men and women from every corner of my Instagram feed showed more of their skulls than I had ever wanted to see. In my non-virtual universe, my boyfriend has been asking whether or not he should buzz his head the way the women in my group chat ask hourly whether or not they should get bangs. 

So being the supportive girlfriend that I am, I gathered my sources to find out which clippers our favourite celebrities are using. And for the most part, I was successful. (And I wasn't, I researched which products would gift the most similar results.)

best razors for at-home buzzcuts:

Don't let the price shock you—Andis' cordless clipper is the holy grail of hair trimmers. Now that you're not spending all that money on transport, why not spoil yourself with the same? It's got a satisfyingly heavy body that grants your more control, and a quick one-hour charge gives you 90 minutes of cordless use, and the best part about any Andis blades is their ability to cut through even the most coarse, unruly hair—as well as thin hair with precision. Simply adjust as needed on the clippers' steel blade head.

Andis Master hair clipper, €240, Available on Amazon

If you’re shaving your head for more than an experiment and you actually want to keep your hair at specific lengths or even style it in a certain way, this BaByliss clipper is the one for you. It has a range of different grades to choose from (eight in total) from 3-25mm, so you can get that closer shave regardless of if you’ve got longer or thicker hair. You’ll also get a travel pouch, a cleaning brush, some scissors, a comb, a blade guard and some oil as part of the price.

BaByliss for Men PowerLight Pro Hair Clipper, €30, Available at Argos

Remington is a reliable choice when it comes to male grooming, and this trimmer is no different. It has futuristic blades in a special coating that keep them sharp and make sure they cut your hair as close as possible without losing their edge. If you're thinking about trying something more creative than a grade one, you can experiment with its 25 attachments and extras, including six different clips, scissors, a comb and a neck brush, and eight different length guards. You can even use it everywhere else your head, courtesy of its angled moustache comb and nose- and ear-hair attachments.

Remington 25 Piece Stylist Men's Hair Clippers Set HC366, €34.99, Available at Boots

There's a good reason you've seen this clipper all over Instagram—it's a reliable, classic, and highly affordable model. It might seem like a minor thing, but the colour-coding for your preferred length is a major win. Plus: 9 different guards cutting between 1/16" and 1".

Wahl Colour Pro Styler Hair Clipper 9155-2417X, €15, Available at Argos

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