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If Your Tan Always Streaks, These 8 Products Could Help

Protect your sheets and score an even glow with these tanning gadgets.

There's more to tan than just mousse, gel and spray...

If beauty enthusiasts can take credit for anything, it's making 'Tanning Thursday' a legitimate thing. Thursdays are no longer just another you dread as it gets in your way to the weekend, it's now a sacramental day where beauty lovers everywhere clear their schedule in order to prep their bodies for self-tan.  

You start by exfoliating your body, you then slather yourself in a rich, hydrating body butter to ensure a streak-free application. You know to never, ever apply tan without a mitt and you've even figured a way to reach those hard-to-tan areas.

But no matter how long you've been practising the art of self-tanning, mistakes are inevitable. As much as we hate to admit it, orange streaks, muddy elbows, and awkward stains in between your fingers and toes are all apart of the process...until now. 

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While you own every self-tan mousse, gel and spray, there's a new generation of self-tanning accessories on the market. From new-improved mitts to gadgets designed to reach those hard-to-tan places, here are the best self-tan accessories to improve your tanning Thursday. 


Once you try a tanning mitt with a thumb you might never look back. Especially good for those with larger than life hands - the extra width is everything. Oh, and the glove is lined on the inside to prevent any potential staining on the palms of your hands. Truly is the best self-tan mitt we've ever tried. 

Luxury Self-Tan Application Glove, €8.99, TanOrganic


Applying a tan on top of a tan is only going to end in a blotchy mess. But you no longer have to scrub and scrub to remove your tan (or erase mistakes). Simply apply this foam the same as you did your tan, wait five minutes and then shower with warm water. 

Self Tan Remover, €19.49, Bondi Sands

best for....bedtime 

How many arguments have you had with your S.O and/or mother for ruining the bedsheets with self-tan? Too many. That's why it's time to invest in a sheet protector. This one even has a pillow slip attached for the face-tanners out there.

Self Tan Bedding Protector, €36.64, Tanzee

best for...exfoliation 

What's the number one rule of self-tan? Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Don't believe us? Well, how about believing tanning guru and Bellamianta founder, Linda Stinson: "the most important step is to exfoliate. Try to do this a couple of days before your tan, or better yet, once a week, for even smoother skin! Although you might not be able to see your dry skin, we do all have it, usually in places like our ankles, knees, elbows, wrists and our neck." The Bellamianta Luxury Exfoliating Mitt are essential when prepping the skin for self-tan, or to even help remove it.

Luxury Exfoliating Mitt, €9.99, Bellamianta 

best for...the aftermath 

Tanning 101: do not wear jeans, leggings or a bra after tanning. So what CAN you wear? A tansie, duh. A jumpsuit designed specifically for wear post-tan, with breathable fabric and adjustable fit so you'll never suffer strap marks again. Comfy enough to sleep in so you don't ruin your sheets, too!

‘CHELSEA’ Jumpsuit, €70, Bronzie

best for...when you have places to be

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, we've got places to be (read: Penneys, Ikea and McDonalds) meaning we no longer have the luxury to wait 20-30 minutes before we can put clothes on again. Enter Glow Dry. An illuminating drying powder formulated with absorbing ingredients to dry and remove the stickiness from fake tan, Glow Dry makes tan-and-go a viability. You basically buff it on as you would your face powder, and it takes down the stickiness from tan immediately, so you can feel fresher and put your clothes on without transferring onto clothes or sheets. Oh, and it's refillable and vegan-friendly - dreamy. 

Dry Illuminising Drying Powder Starter Kit, €31, Glow Dry

Main image by @onparledemonde

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