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Sleep Your Way To Better Skin With These Overnight Sleep Masks

Nightstands are sacred spaces and only the very best in the business makes our bedside-cut.

Sweet dreams are made of these. 

Okay, it's a given that we're a whole less time-poor of late, but that doesn't mean we'd ever be ones to shun efficiency, and quite frankly, retiring to bed without slathering on some sort of rich and luxurious mask, gel, mousse and/or other treatment on your skin during lockdown is, well, wasteful. 

The P.M. hours uniquely afford you the opportunity to optimise your skincare routine, as well as the chance to target specific issues you wouldn't normally be able to alongside daytime’s SPF and makeup requirements.

Evening time is also when most of us tend to have a few more minutes to spare on a fuller beauty regime too, as opposed to recent mornings, when our alarms are set to go off approximately 30 seconds before our first Zoom call of the day. 

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So that said, to help you tell the day from the night and make the most of your precious sleep, your nightstand should be full of products that give your skin its hard-earned chance to regenerate and renew, so that it can better prepare itself for the day ahead... a bit like that 'recovery' bottle of wine that you find yourself reaching for towards the end of a WFH week. 

When nothing seems normal, there's always value in routine – so here are the products that are currently taking pride of place by our bedsides...

Sleep in This Around Your S.O. 

Every relationship comes with its own set of private milestones and even if you're quarantining with your new-ish partner, that might not mean that you’re quite ready for them to see you resembling somewhat of a melting candle come ‘lights off’. If protecting the notion that you're super low-maintenance is important to your relationship, apply a thin layer of Omorovicza’s Midnight Radiance Mask while he/she are brushing their teeth and let the fast-absorbing salicylic-acid exfoliate, promote cell renewal and fight pigmentation during the night.

Midnight Radiance Mask, €110, Omorovicza - SHOP 

Wear This To Bed If You’ve Been Tanning Your Body, Not Face

So far in lockdown, we've been blessed with good weather and lucky you if your limbs are exhibiting a bit of glow! But if you've been practising good SPF applications on your face, chances are it's looking a little ghostly in comparison. (Side note, we promise this is a good thing!) Anyway, worry not, one sleepover with Nip + Fab's sleep mask is enough to take away a deathlike pallor or build up to your dream glow over 3 nights, depending on how intense you want your tan to be.

Fake Tan Sleep Mask, €33, Nip + Fab - SHOP 

Slather This On If You’re Just a Little World-Weary 

If you’re in desperate need of some escape from this uncertain reality, treat all of your senses with this deliciously-scented, cashmere-like textured, serum-in-oil from Sarah Chapman. The soothing aromatherapy element alone is enough to transport you elsewhere, but with nightly use, you’ll notice the plumping, hydrating and soothing effect it has on stressed skin. Consider it a visit to your favourite facialist while from the safety of your own bed. 

Skinesis Overnight Facial, €53, Sarah Chapman - SHOP 

Arrange a sleepover with this to Battle a Breakout Fast 

So much about commune-living is unconsciously stressful and let's not even mention the constant snacking that's happening. If your skin is acting up during quarantine or you have a stubborn breakout that just won’t go away, reach for this blemish-blasting targeted treatment. On a clean face, use a Q-Tip to apply the product directly (and only) to the affected area and wake to see things visibly reduced.

Super Spot Remover™ Acne Treatment Gel, €20, Origins - SHOP 

Sleep With This to Fake 8 Solid Hours 

Less than virtuous when it comes to going to bed at a regular, reasonable hour lately? Yeah, us too, but whether it's dark circles, a dull complexion or intense dehydration, nothing good beauty-wise results from not getting enough shut-eye. Fortunately for the sleep-deprived, there’s always Peter Thomas Roth's Green Releaf Therapeutic Sleep Cream which – via cannabis Sativa seed oil, colloidal oatmeal and topical melatonin – nourishes and renews the skin to deliver a boost of vitality in the AM.

Green Releaf Therapeutic Sleep Cream, €73, Peter Thomas Roth - SHOP 

Apply this to Force-feed Aging Skin with Goodness

Nothing can stop time, but it is possible to slow the signs of ageing from settling into the skin. This deeply hydrating blend of antioxidant-rich oils (avocado, tomato seed and rosehip to be exact) works to reduce the breakdown of collagen and comes complete with a potent dose of retinoid to help shed dead skin cells, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and leave skin noticeably smoother and brighter than it was when your head first hit the pillow.

Intense Night Oil, €175, Votary - SHOP 

Have a pillow fight with this to Cheat Your Way to Super Skin

Despite being largely wedded to our respective skincare regimes, every now and again, an overnight mask comes along that’s so good, we don’t mind being unfaithful to our regular ‘tried and trusted’ once or twice a week. Supercharged with extracts of Persian silk tree to brighten and even skin tone, pomegranate flower to firm, plus buriti, rosehip and cranberry seed oils to intensely nourish and lock moisture into skin – all you have to do is apply this mask pre-bed to get the super skin of your dreams, whilst you dream.

Superskin™ Overnight Mask, €55.50, Liz Earle - SHOP 

Main image by @thepouf on Instagram

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