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The Best Supermarket Beauty Buys To Snap Up On Your Weekly Shop

Add to your *literal* basket

We trialled everything from Aldi’s cult skincare range to a €5 promising longer lashes to discover what products are worth putting through the checkout...

Once upon a time, the weekly shop was the one household chore we could all collectively agree on being the worst. The very notion of having to get up, get dressed, drive to your nearest supermarket, dig through your purse in the hopes of finding a €2 coin for a trolley, battling your way through the aisles and then having to somehow simultaneity bag your groceries, chat with cashier and pay was enough to consider ordering takeaways for the next week. And then came COVID-19...

While crowded supermarkets were fearful for an entirely different reason, somehow the big shop became our favourite lockdown activity - partially because it was our only lockdown activity.  Suddenly, the weekly shop became our only opportunity to get out of the house to pick up essential items. Some took it as an excuse to get dressed up, others mixed things up by going to a different supermarket within their 5km radius each week and the majority of us just stocked up on flour to aid our lockdown baking obsession. 

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Now, almost 365 days into this worldwide pandemic, the novelty of supermarkets may have worn off and the weekly shop is once again not the most glamorous or exciting weekend activity on your agenda. But that, dear reader, is all about to change. 

Whether inspired by the pandemic and the hindrance it has caused on beauty shopping, supermarkets have seriously begun to step it up in the beauty department. As well as many supermarkets offering classic beauty brands like Nivea and Garnier, many are also turning their attention to more cult beauty brands like Moxi Loves and Bert's Bees. In fact, Aldi has even gone one step further and launched its own skincare brand, Caviar.

From beauty dupes that are said to be just as good (if not better) than the originals to Irish brands exclusively stocking their products on supermarket aisles, we trialled everything from Aldi’s cult skincare range to a €3 mascara promising longer lashes to discover what products are worth putting through the checkout...


WHAT: Caviar Night Cream

WHERE: Exclusive to Aldi

HOW MUCH: €8.99

Aldi's entire sell-out Lacura range is award-winning and most definitely worth adding to your trolley but this cream was the star, shifting over 60,000 jars on the first day of its launch alone. Coveted by everyone from beauty bloggers to dermatologists, it contains skin-firming caviar delivering a juicy dose of vitamins and minerals for an overall glow.

WHAT: Moxi Loves BAREFACED Cleanser Infused Makeup Removal Pads

WHERE: Available in Supervalu

HOW MUCH: €3.95

For those who haven’t the time for double cleansing or who simply wish to relieve their eco-guilt when it comes to removing makeup, Moxi Loves BAREFACED is your new supermarket staple. Already infused with cleanser, simply add a few drops of water and suddenly the stubbornest of makeup (including waterproof) products are removed. Yes - really. 

WHAT: Aimee Connolly Sculpted Double-Ended Brush

WHERE: Available in Dunnes Stores

HOW MUCH: €12.95

Can you say two for the price of one? Aimee Connolly’s Double-Ended Brush offers a large, fluffy rounded brush on one end and a more precise, pointed brush at the other, so you can contour and highlight using just one brush.

WHAT: Cien Dry Shampoo

WHERE: Exclusive to Lidl

HOW MUCH: €1.99

If you go through dry shampoo as quickly as you do pints of milk, this Lidl offering will make both your hair and purse happy. Put simply, this classic formula checks off all of the boxes. It refreshes hair instantly, masks odour and adds va-va-volume at the roots without leaving behind a noticeable chalky residue. An excellent dupe for Batiste dry shampoo.

WHAT: Autograph Lasting Colour Luxe Eyeshadow

WHERE: Exclusive to M&S

HOW MUCH: €13.50

Autograph Beauty has gradually become a household name for any beauty fan. Heralded for its luxe, creamy formulas and chic packaging, you’ll struggle to find anything mediocre in its lineup. A special shoutout goes to the Cream Eyeshadow Sticks which have revolutionised the process of achieving the perfect party eye. The stick's budge-proof formula will stay put for up to eight hours of wear without creasing or fading. Swipe it all over the lid, blend with your finger, and you're good to go.

WHAT: Garnier Vitamin C Fresh-Mix Tissue Face Mask

WHERE: Available in Tesco

HOW MUCH: €4.99

Vitamin C infused skincare has seen a 40 per cent increase in online searches recently. And while we’re all probably familiar with its nutritional worth when it comes to fending off the dreaded flu (or the slightly more retro scurvy), it’s equally considered a veritable ‘cure-all’ by dermatologists; promising brighter, tighter, and better-looking overall skin. Typically, you can only find this wonder ingredient in skincare products with hefty price tags but for less than €5, these sheet masks are handy to have around for when your skin needs a boost of energy, brightness and vitality.

WHAT: Glycolic Exfoliating Pads

WHERE: Exclusive to Aldi

HOW MUCH: €3.99

Ask any beauty insider and glycolic pads might just be the most au courant product to have on your bathroom shelf. Not least because of their powers of exfoliation, but – in the case of Aldi’s Glycolic Exfoliating Pads – their conscious kudos too. (Aldi’s Lacura range is Leaping Bunny

WHAT: Burt’s Bees Lip Butter

WHERE: Available in Tesco

HOW MUCH: €6.49 each

Lip balms have long been a 'thrown in the trolley' item but while most of them either a) didn't live up to its moisturising promises or b) ended up lost in a handbag - these pots of lip butter from Burt's Bees deliver in results so you'll never think of losing one again. Available in two flavours, these little pots of heaven will melt into the lips for instant hydrations, lips are left smooth and silky. 

WHAT: Rimmel Scandaleyes Wow Wings

WHERE: Available in Dunnes Stores

HOW MUCH: €10.99

An absolute hero of the supermarket beauty aisle, Rimmel is a safe bet, particularly when it comes to mascaras. The dramatically named Scandaleyes Wow Wings mascara comes with a volumising formulation and a two-sided brush to help load lashes if you’re a winged-lash fan.


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