6 Temporary Hair Dye Sprays Perfect For Festival Season And Commitment-Phobes

Channel your inner Billie Eilish this weekend

Don't worry, they'll come out after a good wash...

Commitment is scary - and not just when it comes to personal relationships.

As someone who writes about beauty for a living, I'm the type of person who prides herself on a willingness to test new products, routines and looks. Squeezing yet another skincare product into my already overhauled routine? No problem. Putting jelly-fish goo on my face? Sure, why not? I'll try just about anything in the name of beauty.

But when it comes to hair colour, that willingness to try anything seises to exist. Unlike a new serum or eyeliner, the maintenance and commitment of changing my hair colour requires a little more thought and consideration.  

But attending Electric Picnic - or any festival for that matter - without having fun with your hair is like being a leopard without the spots or channelling Lizzie McGuire without a bandanna. Your hair holds the power to transform your festival outfit because what's a neon co-ord set without the hair to match? 

Fret not if like me you fear commitment, because there are great temporary colour formulas that you can pick up before you hit Stradbally for the weekend. Each rinse-out after formula ahead is a fun way to satisfy the crazy hair colour urge you've been having...without having to wear a hat to work when the festival is over. 

shop the best temporary hair dyes:

L'Oreal Colorista Hair Makeup, €9.49, Boots
As the name suggests, this temporary colour works like makeup for your hair. Use it to coat a few strands for colourful highlights – with shade options that even work on brunette hair. It will wash out as soon as you're done, promise. 

Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour Precious Metals, €8.99, Boots

If you're turning into a unicorn (or if you just want pastel purple hair), then spray this formula from Schwarzkopf onto lengths. The liquid deposits vibrant pigment that pops on blonde and brunette strands.


Unicorn Hair, €16.95, Lime Crime

Available in 11 shades, from the deepest red cherry to a beautiful baby blue, Unicorn Hair adds colour with zero damage. Apply for 30 minutes for a wash of pastel colour, or 1-2 hours for a rich coating. Bonus? It's completely vegan.

Bleach Washed Up Mermaid, €7.99, Boots

Bleach's super cool colours work best on bleached hair, but it's worth it because they come in the ultimate cool-girl shades. Washes out in 2-10 washes depending on how porous your hair is.

L'Oreal Hair Makeup NEON, €9.49, Boots

Channel your inner Billie Eilish with neon roots this weekend thanks to this temporary hair makeup by L'Oreal. 

Colour Kissed Hairspray, €13.95, Colorsmash

Colorsmash is the one to choose if you want to play with multiple colours at once. They layer easily, blending together for a smooth transition. Don't worry if you make a mistake either, because it washes out as soon as you hit the shower.

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